When Should I Use Oil—Before or After Showering? [video]

When Should I Use Oil—Before or After Showering? [video]

Welcome to our AskBanyan Series, where we answer the most popular questions about living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. In this video, we discuss when to use your oil for self-massage—before or after your shower.

Traditionally in Ayurveda, abhyanga, or the practice of applying oil to the skin, is done prior to showering.

I really love applying oil to my skin before I shower. It feels really luxurious and nourishing, and when I massage the oil into my skin, not only does it help stimulate that circulation, that natural blood flow, but it also helps support elimination of natural toxins from my body.

And then when you shower after you oil, not only does the shower help clean the skin, and really take the dirt off of the outer layer, the steam helps to support that oil becoming more deeply absorbed in the body. (Just be careful not to slip when you're showering!)

Now, a lot of people still just put oil on their skin after the shower—and that's totally fine.

You know you—do what feels good to you!


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