What Is an Ayurvedic Diet? [video]

What Is an Ayurvedic Diet? [video]

Welcome to our AskBanyan series, where we answer the most popular questions about living an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Ayurveda started thousands of years ago in India—and while it has its roots in India, what we think of as an Ayurvedic diet is not synonymous with what we think of as Indian cuisine.

Eating Ayurvedically is really about planning for your unique constitution. That means you're taking into consideration your environment and your current state of health. There is not a one-diet-fits-all approach.

Some of the key tenets involve planning for your dosha, proper food combination so that you don't challenge your digestion, and then really honoring your meal times by not over-snacking.

Digestion, or agni, is considered the starting place of many of our health ailments, and that's really why the Ayurvedic diet is so important.

Another key factor is it's more than what you're eating—it's also how you're preparing your food. The energy and the thoughts that you have while you're cooking or eating your meal is considered a key ingredient and that's really why it's important to have this loving and present mindset while you do both.


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