3 Reasons to Do A Group Cleanse

3 Reasons to Do A Group Cleanse

1. Cleansing with an Expert = Safe Guidance

When it comes to food and cleansing, there's an abundance of information out there. How do you know what protocol to choose and if it's right for you? It's common to feel overwhelmed with what to eat and when, not to mention how to choose which supplements will be most supportive for your imbalances and the season.

During a group cleanse, participants are given detailed cleanse plans, prepared menus, suggested herbs, and a daily routine to follow that meets their unique needs. A guided cleanse takes all the guessing away and frees up energy to relax, allowing the cleanser more time/space to give her body permission to release, rest, and rejuvenate more deeply.

2. Making New Friends & Building Community

Connecting with other cleansers can be uplifting so we don't have to feel we are on the journey alone. In community there is a strength that allows you to go deeper into your experience and authentically connect with like-minded friends who are walking the same path.

3. Support for Weak Areas

Many people face the same challenges during a cleanse. When a group comes together they have the opportunity to share vulnerabilities and ask for support and ideas on making sustainable changes in diet and lifestyle.

There is a sweet humanity that is felt during a group cleanse. It can be transformative when we state our weak areas out loud and allow ourselves to be fully seen. Often times, as soon as we speak our shame, we disarm it and loosen its grip on us, allowing for a deep release and shift to take place in our lives.


Awakening Ayurveda Retreat


Ready to explore cleansing with the loving support and accountability of a community? Claire Ragozzino will be leading a gentle group cleanse retreat in partnership with Free People Escapes. The Awakening Ayurveda Retreat will take place Oct 27–30, 2016 in the rolling hills of the Berkshires.

Embark on a fully guided experience of Ayurvedic principles to align the body and prepare for the winter ahead. We'll follow a kitchari diet, and nourish the body with ancient herbs and fresh local produce. Additionally, we'll adopt a morning dinacharya (daily) routine, with each attendee receiving a personalized cleanse bundle to accompany them throughout the process.

Our goal while cleansing is to rest and restore the mind and body. Our mornings will begin with a gentle vinyasa practice to balance our doshas, followed by a nourishing meal and afternoon yoga-nidra guided meditation. We will enjoy peaceful hikes through the Berkshire hills, an on-site sauna with a cleansing herbal steam, workshops to deepen your Ayurvedic knowledge, and exercises in self and group reflection. We end our retreat with a powerful new moon ceremony to set intentions and welcome in a new season.


Berkshire home


Each guest on this retreat will be gifted $250 of Free People merchandise to infuse their adventure with style and beauty. Guests will also receive free Ayurveda products from Banyan Botanicals.

Read more and register here.

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