Ayurvedic Profile FAQs

Understanding My Results

What is a constitution?

A constitution is the unique and fixed ratio of vata, pitta, and kapha that represents optimal health for you. This remains constant for your whole life. The end goal isn't to equalize the proportions of your constitution, but to maintain your natural ratio and to encourage the healthiest expression of each dosha. Your Profile offers great resources for learning more about your constitution.

What does it mean by imbalances?

Unlike your constitution, your imbalances will vary, and you will have increases in one or more of the doshas above the amount appropriate for your constitution. Any doshas that are elevated need to be pacified (or reduced) in order to return to optimal health. The recommendations in your results and on your Profile offer a suggested starting place in that journey.

What if my results are different than what I expected or what my practitioner told me?

If you feel your constitution results are inaccurate, we recommend you retake the entire Profile quiz, and try to answer the first portion of the quiz with your lifelong tendencies in mind—not your current experiences.

If you feel your current state of imbalance results are different than you expected, you can also retake this portion of the quiz. Keep in mind that when it comes to your current state of balance, this can vary from day to day, and because of this, the results may also vary.

Of course, if you are working with a practitioner, we recommend you talk with your practitioner. While our Profile quiz is state of the art, an experienced practitioner's expertise and insight into your constitution and imbalances cannot be matched!

How do you know if you've reached balance? By retaking the quiz?

Reaching balance is when you have reached your natural, healthy ratio of the doshas as expressed in your constitution. Retaking the quiz can certainly help you know if you have reached balance, but the best way to gauge this is to tune in to how you feel—when you're balanced, you will feel better!

How often should I retake the quiz to figure out the current imbalance?

We recommend retaking it every 90 days. That said, you are welcome to take it more frequently!

Understanding My Recommendations

Where do I start with the recommendations?

You can choose to start with taking an herbal supplement to help bring balance, or perhaps you want to make a lifestyle change, like incorporating Ayurvedic self-massage, or maybe you saw some dietary changes that really resonated with you. You can start with one of these, or, if you feel adventurous and able to commit, you can start with all! It's up to you on how deeply you want to go with the recommendations. When you're ready for more, your Profile holds resources that have been tailored to your needs.

How long do I have to stick with the recommendations?

As long as you want! Make sure you give the recommendations enough time to show results.

When taking products, we recommend allowing a minimum of 4-6 weeks for the herbs to fully penetrate through the physiology before you start seeing results. And, the longer the imbalance has been present, the longer it will take to bring balance.

For any lifestyle and diet recommendations, incorporate those that resonate with you, and keep experimenting with other recommendations until you find the daily routine that works for you and supports your health and well-being—while, of course, giving time to really see if those lifestyle and diet changes work. Committing to a change for a day, for example, won't really make much of a change, while sticking to it for a couple weeks may!

Getting Started

I'm overwhelmed. Where do I start?

Keep it simple by starting with your primary focus—this is the area of your health that you are most concerned with. With this in mind, you can start with the recommended product that will help support your primary focus. When you are ready for more, we offer many resources on your Profile that are tailored to your needs, from diet to lifestyle advice and so much more.

For another option, you can start by addressing your dosha that is most out of balance, using the recommended dosha-balancing products. And when you're ready for the next step, our resources will be waiting for you.

How do I use my Profile?

Your completed Ayurvedic Profile is equipped with customized resources for you to refer back to at any time. See what Ayurveda has to say about you by reviewing your constitution (this is your Ayurvedic body-type) and your current state of balance. Within your Profile, you have access to customized resources to balance your doshas.

In addition to providing all the resources you need to get back into balance, the Profile provides a way for you to check back in on your imbalances. We recommend completing this every 90 days so you can gauge your progress.

The Profile also provides a link to retake the entire Profile quiz, although, you would only do this if you think your constitution results are inaccurate.

How many products should I use at one time?

Our products are safe and effective, and you can take more than one product at a time. That said, we recommend focusing on one or two health topics at a time, choosing the products that best support your primary focus, and expanding from there as you feel ready.

How long does it take to see results?

This depends on the nature of your imbalance, how long you have been out of balance, and how fully you incorporate positive, balancing change in your life. As a general rule of thumb, many begin to feel subtle changes after 4-6 weeks.

I see products on the website that might help with my concerns, but they are not recommended for me.

You can choose the primary focus that you most wish to address. So if you see a product that offers the support you need, we recommend you start there. Following your own internal guidance on which product is best for you at this time is the best recommendation!

I'm still confused. What now?

Contact us! Our Customer Care Team is ready to help you! We're available 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST, and you can call, chat, or email us.


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