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Your Ayurvedic Survival Guide for Travel in India

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India, the land of mysticism and spirituality, can often scare and deter tourists from traveling there for fear of illness and disease. After ten years of consistent travel to India and leading multiple retreats to this captivating land, I’ve successfully warded off food and water bourn illness for myself and others. How, you might ask?

As an Ayurvedic practitioner and scientist at heart, I’ve learned a few tricks along the way! One of my top favorite ways to stay healthy and strong while traveling half way around the world is to support my body and mind with high quality supplements and products before and during my trip. It is good to be prepared so that you can enjoy all the beauty and magic India has to offer. For most Westerners this is not an easy place to negotiate. From an Ayurvedic perspective vata dosha gets aggravated and can make you feel ungrounded and easily fatigued. 

To maintain vitality, health, and strength in your digestive system and mind—which will support your whole being—try the following suggestions:


Para Cleanse – Maintain a Healthy Digestive Environment

If you are worried about how your digestive system will handle traveling abroad, then fear no more. Para Cleanse is a great formula that includes the best Ayurvedic herbs to support your digestive track and agni. In Ayurveda, maintaining strong agni, digestive fire, is the key to good health. I encourage everyone to start taking Para Cleanse two weeks before travel to support good intestinal flora, adjust to the herbs, and be fortified upon arrival.


Ginger Liquid Extract – The Everyday Medicine for Complete Health

Ginger is one of the most widely used substances due its comprehensive effect in offering a broad range of health promoting benefits. Ginger extract is your most amazing travel friend because in an instant, you can have ginger water or ginger tea. Ginger can promote stomach comfort during motion intense travel; and because car rides in India are like no other, a bit of support can be the very thing you are looking for.

Ginger will promote good digestion, heat up and burn away natural toxins as well as expel excess phlegm or mucous from the body. Ginger is a great support for a healthy immune system. And when not feeling 100%, ginger with honey can promote a feeling of wellness. This versatile form of ginger keeps well-being at your fingertips.


7-Herb Energy Liquid Extract – Raise your Vibration

Travel is often stressful, exhausting and tiring especially as you are transitioning into a new place, new time zone and new rhythms. The 7-Herb Energy formulation includes herbs like ginseng, ashwagandha and gokshura to support your nervous system, adrenals and overall well-being. Be amazed at your new energetic self. While trekking in the Himalayas this tincture was a regular in my camelback. Even our local trekking guide was enjoying the benefits of this formulation. Whether you are trekking or sightseeing, this will give you good energy, stamina and a peaceful mind.  

trekking in India


I Sleep Soundly – The Ultimate Sleep Aide 

Though I don’t have trouble sleeping during the long flight to India, upon arrival one can always use a bit of support. For many of my students, it can take a while to calm down elevated vata induced by long travel. I Sleep Soundly tablets help relax and calm the mind for good sleep.  This formulation contains natural sleep-promoting herbs like skullcap, valerian, and chamomile to support tranquility so you can sleep on the plane or in your hotel. 


Nasya – Clear your Sinuses!

Nasya lubricates and keeps the nasal passage clean and clear and helps guard against dust, pollutants and dirt that often permeate the environment. Nasya Oil is your best support.  A lot of people like the neti pot. But in India where good water is questionable and you need warm water to neti, it can be an ordeal trying to arrange doing neti every day. And there’s no need. You have nasya. It lubricates, protects your nose while also calming the nervous system and supporting the lungs. India can be quite dusty and some areas pollution is quite intense so nasya oil is one of your best defenses.

Though one would think that this simple product should be readily available, it is not. And when you do find nasya oil, the traditional formulas are actually quite strong and potent and not amazing for the Western nose.

Try all or some of these products on your next trip abroad. Or better yet, don’t fret about traveling to India, the land that nourishes the mind, body, and soul when you are properly prepared.  Discover how well planned and supported travel will enhance your experience by 108%!