Secrets to a Successful Cleanse

Secrets to a Successful Cleanse

Welcome to the world of Ayurvedic cleansing! Give yourself a big hug for dedicating the time and energy for deep rejuvenation and detoxification. Because it does take time and energy to cleanse, this points to the biggest successful-cleanse secret I would like to share with you...time and space.

Before you start your cleanse, making sure your calendar is as clear as possible will help ensure your success. The body needs time and space in order to allow the nervous system to relax, helping to facilitate the deep process of detoxification. If you're not able to take extra time off of work, I suggest removing events such as social engagements, workout classes, business meetings, and anything else that isn’t mandatory. It can be challenging to sustain your regular routine when you cleanse because you become so open and sensitive in every aspect of your being.

Setting the Tone

Create space at home by explaining to your family and friends the process you are about to undertake and why. Ask them to be mindful of your need for solitude and minimal stress. Be prepared to let go of social media and any dramatic or violent TV shows or films, as these take up space in our mind. Download Yoga Nidra or guided meditations that will assist the mind and body in letting go of ama (toxins) in the tissues, as well as old emotions held in the body.

Gift yourself all the time and space you need. You are worth it!

Allow your body and mind to have the space it needs to heal. Diet, herbs, and treatments are essential aspects to cleansing—the other important key to success is ample downtime. How much you’re able to unwind will directly reflect the outcome of your detox. You will appreciate this extra time for cooking, self-massage, gentle yoga, meditation, and pranayama, as well as tending to any emotions that might come to the surface.


Getting Prepared

Once you’ve freed up your schedule, you can move on to the next secret of success: gathering all the supplies you will need.

  • Consult with your practitioner, or follow a cleanse guide, to create a checklist as well as a grocery shopping list. This will eliminate any extra stress once you begin your cleanse and help you maintain a peaceful mindset. It can be fun setting up your kitchen with your new spices and herbs! Clearing out kitchen clutter and putting away all of the tempting food items for the duration of the cleanse is also helpful.
  • Get yourself one of Banyan’s Cleanse Bundles. It includes many of the Ayurvedic staples that you’ll want to collect for your cleanse, and it will make your preparations much easier.
  • A few practical items will make meal preparation easier. A crock pot, VitaClay Cooker, or an Instant Pot will make cooking three meals a day so much easier! A Thermos is also a must, especially if you’re on the go during your cleanse and will be taking your home-cooked hot meal with you.
  • Things like a notepad for journaling, sattvic (peaceful, non-dramatic) music, and films and books for the days you are resting at home will make your cleanse more enjoyable. Being prepared minimizes the impulse to utilize other distractions, like social media or television.

This is my last tip for success. If you are working with a practitioner, listen to and follow their instructions; or, if you’re using a cleanse resource, follow all instructions carefully. Traditionally, the rules of Ayurvedic cleansing are not merely arbitrary and following a protocol is important.

There are varying degrees of cleanses, from a one-week cleanse (either solo or with an online group) to full six-week panchakarma programs. For best results, please try to follow the directions as closely as possible. If you are working with a practitioner and not able to follow the entire protocol, let them know and they may be able to find a solution for you. Consequences of not following directions accurately can range from fatigue and weakened immunity to impaired agni, the ever-important digestive fire.

Sometimes Ayurveda can seem so simple and feel like little is happening. Yet there is a beautiful depth to the cleansing process and, when done correctly, it can shift your health (body, mind, and spirit) dramatically. This will inspire you to come back each season and cleanse anew, discovering more and more layers of vitality and wellness.