A Gentle Detox with Total Body Cleanse

A Gentle Detox with Total Body Cleanse

We’ve all been there—when we wake up in the morning and realize that last night’s greasy takeout, or all that fun with friends, has finally caught up to us. That slow accumulation of ama hits a tipping point. This might manifest in a lot of different ways—rumbling, unhappy digestion, feeling a bit lethargic or dull—but we ultimately feel, well, off.

It’s time for a reset, and giving our bodies an extra boost to support detoxification can make all the difference.

Total Body Cleanse tablets were created for just such a purpose. Whether you’re preparing to embark on a home cleanse complete with lifestyle and dietary changes, or you’re looking for a quick detox without any changes to your typical day, Total Body Cleanse offers powerful herbal support to help your body make the most of the reset time you give it.

How to Use Total Body Cleanse

During an Ayurvedic cleanse. These tablets are an excellent support during a regular Ayurvedic home cleanse, further enhancing the effects of the dietary and lifestyle changes. For amplified cleansing, take two tablets with meals twice a day for each day of your cleanse.

For a digestive reset. If you’re looking for more of a simple and quick detox reset while maintaining your usual daily routine and responsibilities, Total Body Cleanse can help the body process and eliminate toxins. During your detox, one to two tablets can be taken once or twice daily with meals.

In conjunction with Triphala. Total Body Cleanse works especially well with Triphala, the traditional Ayurvedic formula famous for its ability to simultaneously detoxify and rejuvenate, while also supporting healthy elimination and regularity.

Can Total Body Cleanse Really Provide a Gentle Detox?

We asked Ayurvedic practitioner Alicia Diaz to take Total Body Cleanse to see how well they support a gentle detox with no lifestyle changes. What better time to test them than right after Thanksgiving?

Alicia tried the tablets for just three days. She shares her experience in this video diary.


The Benefits of Total Body Cleanse

Total Body Cleanse blends together Ayurveda’s preeminent cleansing herbs, all in one tablet. These herbs, all remarkable on their own, work synergistically together to create a potent and effective formula. These tablets target the whole body for overall detoxification while supporting the elimination of toxins, and in the process, they bolster the body’s own innate cleansing process.

An important component of this is the formula’s focus on the liver. Estimates of just how many separate functions the liver performs is over five hundred,1 and as our primary organ of detoxification, the liver is endlessly filtering and cleansing the blood. Through its work detoxing, the liver protects our deeper tissues from impurities in the blood that might otherwise cause harm.

The main herbs in Total Body Cleanse are considered some of the best Ayurvedic herbs for the liver. Kalmegh and bhumyamalaki, in particular, are renowned in Ayurveda for their affinity for the liver—both very bitter and cleansing herbs, they support the production of bile and healthy liver function, while bhumyamalaki simultaneously helps strengthen this essential organ.

Manjistha is also known for its work in the liver. One of—if not the best—blood purifiers in the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia, manjistha cools down excess heat and cleanses out excess toxins, especially in the blood. There is quite a complex back-and-forth between the liver and the blood, and manjistha helps ensure that the exchange is healthy and balanced, keeping both the blood and the liver itself functioning well.2

This full body detox is taken further with haritaki and amalaki, two herbs that work throughout the physiology to remove and eliminate toxins while also rejuvenating along the way. Punarnava, another rejuvenative, works in many of our vital organs—liver included—and assists in the opening and cleansing of channels, supporting the elimination of toxins.

With the digestive herbs and spices ginger, fennel, and pippali, agni is kindled and the dash of heat from these ingredients round out the energetics of the formula, ensuring the virya isn’t too cooling. 

The end result is a well-balanced, tridoshic, highly effective formula that cleanses, detoxifies, and supports the entire body.

This is one formula that is worth keeping in the herbal toolkit for renewed balance and vitality!