Clarifying Herbal Tea Recipe

Clarifying Herbal Tea Recipe

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It’s not uncommon to feel a bit sluggish and heavy during the late winter and spring. As heavy, wet kapha season hits full stride, our bodies subtly (or not so subtly!) make an effort to release ama (toxic, undigested material) in that special kapha kind of way. That means excess bodily fluids, sticky gunk throughout your system, and general stagnation. You feeling me?

This clarifying herbal tea is the perfect antidote to kapha, promoting lightness and clarity in both body and mind. The blend is spicy, invigorating, and even leaves a pleasant tingle in your mouth.

Clarifying Herbal Tea



Mix the dry herbs ahead of time and store in a small jar. When you are ready to prepare your tea, steep 1 teaspoon of this herbal mixture in a cup of freshly-boiled water for 10–15 minutes, cool slightly, add ½–1 teaspoon honey, and drink.4 This tea helps to warm the body, encourages proper circulation, kindles agni, and bolsters the elimination of natural toxins. It is very supportive of the body’s natural healing process.