Peter Crone

Banyan Ambassador, Peter Crone

Constitution: Pitta-Vata
Currently Resides: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: St. Margaret’s Bay, Kent, England

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Peter Crone is a thought leader in human potential and performance as well as an Ayurveda practitioner and the Founder/Chief Inspirer of Be Alive, Inc. Peter devotes his life to sharing deep insights, distinctions, and strategies for people to live an inspired life and thrive by awakening new levels of awareness that transcend old and limiting mental constructs. He helps reveal the subconscious narratives that drive behavior, and ultimately all results, and he uses the wisdom of Ayurveda to help people find balance through diet and lifestyle. Whilst most people go through life as prisoners of their own mind, Peter helps dissolve the mental shackles that hold us back so that we can experience true freedom and discover an entirely new experience of being human. Peter has worked with numerous VIPs in the entertainment industry, more than 200 professional athletes across multiple sports, as well as leaders of global organizations. He is committed to sharing his pioneering mental constructs that inspire the realization of a new type of existence that shifts from a life of stressful surviving to one of joyful thriving.

How were you introduced to Ayurveda?

Through a practitioner who spoke one afternoon at my yoga teacher training program back in 2000. I was immediately hooked!

How has Ayurveda changed your life?

Honestly too immeasurable to quantify. It infiltrates every part of my life. [:)]

Which Banyan product(s) are your currently using and why?

Tablets—Blood Cleanse & Healthy Pitta (to keep my pitta in balance)

Bulk herbs—Ashwagandha (for my sports and athletic pursuits)

When are you most likely to go out of balance and how do you bring yourself back in balance using Ayurveda? (routine, diet, herbs etc.)

Summer or hot days/climates. Lay in a cold bath for 10–15 minutes. Drink plenty of water with electrolytes. Sleep. Meditation. Simple clean foods. Earthing (standing barefoot in soil).

Favorite place in the world?

My inner true self! [:)] Then Carmel CA, Sydney Australia, Maldive Islands

Favorite hobbies?

Conversations that inspire self-realization, reading, writing, golf, being a fool.

Favorite books?

I am That, As a Man Thinketh, The Upanishads

Favorite quote?

“The journey of true discovery lies not in finding new lands but in looking through new eyes.”— Voltaire

Who inspires you?

Anyone who chooses love

How do you make a difference in your community/world?

I’d like to think I inspire a new view of life that brings with it freedom, joy, vitality, love, and a sense of playfulness for life.