Ayurveda Kapha Pacifying Yoga: Warrior I | Banyan Botanicals

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

A Kapha Pacifying Yoga Pose

Warrior I

From mountain pose, step your left foot back. Turn the left foot out about 45 degrees. Keep the right toes pointed forward. Inhale to lengthen the sides of the body and exhale to bend the right leg. Make sure your right knee is directly on top of your right ankle. You may place the hands at the hips or on an inhalation extend the arms laterally and overhead. Palms face one another and the arms run along side the ears. Maintain fluidity by moving with the breath. Inhale to slightly straighten the right leg and exhale to bend the leg.

Kapha Focus:

Lifting and opening the chest. Gaze upward and if it is comfortable for your neck, tilt the head slightly back to open the throat. When you are ready to release the pose, hold it for one more breath.


Builds strength and courage.