Ayurveda Kapha Pacifying Yoga: Mountain Pose | Banyan Botanicals

Mountain (Tadasana)

A Kapha Pacifying Yoga Pose

Mountain Pose

Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Arms rest along side your body as you extend the fingers towards the floor. Drop the shoulders and lift the heart. Make sure that the floating ribs are not sticking out. Let the chin tilt slightly towards the chest to lengthen the neck. Reach the crown of the head up and ground down through the feet. Press through the big toe and outer legs. Internally rotate the femurs to give the sacrum space. Lengthen your tailbone.

Kapha Focus:

Expand your chest, lift the heart and roll your shoulders back. Practice extended mountain pose by externally rotating the arms and reaching them overhead. Experiment with rotating the femurs internally and externally. Notice the different sensations in your body.


Increases focus, concentration, and balance.