How to Clean Your Tongue

Cleaning your Tongue: Fresh Breath and Much More!

Banyan Visuals Manager, Maggie


Tongue cleaning dates back to ancient times in India, but its benefits—especially the promotion of fresh breath and oral hygiene—have recently gained a lot of attention in the West. Using a tongue cleaner offers rewards to anyone willing to give it a try, and it is worth understanding the advantages a tongue scraper has to offer your overall health and well-being.

Elements of Ayurveda Tongue Cleaning Guide

Benefits of Using a Tongue Cleaner:

  • Clears toxins & bacteria from the tongue
  • Helps remove coating on the tongue that leads to bad breath
  • Helps eliminate undigested food particles from the tongue
  • Enhances the sense of taste
  • Promotes overall oral & digestive health
  • Gently stimulates the internal organs
  • Increases your awareness of your state of health

How to Use a Tongue Cleaner:

Ideally, a tongue cleaner is used every day, early in the morning, on an empty stomach. Simply hold the two ends of the tongue cleaner in both hands. Extend the tongue and place the tongue cleaner on the surface of the tongue, as far back as is comfortable. Gently pull the tongue cleaner forward so that it removes the unwanted coating. Rinse the tongue cleaner and repeat as necessary, usually 7–14 times.