Why We Became a Certified B Corp

Why We Became a Certified B Corp

We are proud to share that we are a Certified B Corporation®.

B Corporations are leaders of the global movement of people using business as a force for good.™ We've joined the movement with other certified companies like Patagonia, Athleta, Pukka Herbs, and Ben & Jerry's. There are over 4,000 Certified B Corporations from more than 150 industries in 64 countries with one unifying goal—to redefine success in business.

Every time you make a purchase, you support the business behind the product.

When you purchase from a Certified B Corporation, you can trust that your money is going to companies that are using their efforts to create positive change in the world, focusing equally on environmental and social change along with profits.

Certified B Corporations meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. These performance standards are comprehensive, transparent, and verified by the nonprofit B Lab®. It's like what Fair Trade certification is to a bag of coffee—except it's for the entire company.

Banyan's mission and values reflect the philosophy and focus of Certified B Corporations. We're here to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being through the wisdom of Ayurveda, and as an Ayurvedic company, we see the inherent connection between our own health and the health of the world. As we aim to achieve deeper harmony in our bodies, we must also care for the health of our communities and the planet.

At Banyan, this commitment is built into the way we operate. Often referred to as the triple bottom line, we put as much emphasis on our social and environmental impacts as on our profits. As a Certified B Corporation, we can demonstrate this in concrete, transparent, and objective facts.

This brings credibility and accountability to our mission, our values, and our commitments.

And, as a Certified B Corporation, we will continue to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance. Unlike traditional businesses, Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact on everyone—workers, suppliers, community, consumers, and the environment.

To learn more, take a look at our B Impact Profile page

Banyan has had a triple bottom line approach to our business for 28+ years. As a Certified B Corporation, we are able to offer a tangible and effective way to view and measure our successes and set goals for improvement.

This certification reinforces our promises to you, confirming that our mission, values, and commitments don't just live on paper but are truly embodied in our actions throughout our entire company.


B Corporation FAQs

What is B Lab?

It is a nonprofit organization that certifies and supports B Corporations.

Are B Corporations just another name for green businesses, responsible businesses, or CSR?

No—green, responsible, and CSR do not have set standards that are verified by a third party. These names hold much less weight than a Certified B Corporation.

Where can I learn more about Banyan's B Corp information?

Check out our page on the B Corporation website, called our B Impact Profile

What is Banyan's B Corporation score?

We first certified in 2019 after starting the certification process in 2017. In June of 2023 we completed our recertification, which is just as rigorous of a process as first certifying. To recertify, businesses must answer (and prove their answers) to over 200 questions in the B Impact Assessment.

  • Our new overall score is 107.8, an increase of 18 points (or 20%) from our 2019 score of 89.9.
  • The median B Corp assessment score for businesses using the assessment is 50.9. Our score is 112% higher than the median score. 
  • Our new score is locked into place for the next three years until we complete the next recertification.
  • Our score in the voluntary assessment indicates we are social and environmental responsibility leaders in the herbal and Ayurveda products space.