Pitta-Pacifying Recipe: Tahini Soba Noodle Bowl

Pitta-Pacifying Recipe: Tahini Soba Noodle Bowl

My husband is obsessed with Asian food. Literally, I'm not kidding! If he had the option of eating Asian food every day of the week, he'd take it—no questions asked. I really have to get creative with ways to make delicious Asian dishes, all while keeping them healthy and clean. Recently, I've been focused on soba noodles. These little buckwheat strands are SO great for you. I've used buckwheat many times in my cooking and baking, and it is easy to find them in the grocery store. They're packed with fiber and good vitamins and minerals. And, on top of all that, they are great for the summer as they are pitta-pacifying, which all in all, is perfect for this time of year. 

I pack this noodle bowl with veggies and avocado, and then top it off with a tahini sauce and sesame seeds. I mean, what's not to love?! The best part of it all is that it doesn't feel really heavy, and it doesn't leave your belly feeling weird (like it can after eating MSG-packed food). It's a win-win for both of us. 

Use different veggies to top it with depending on what you and your family enjoy. It is also a great dish to get the kiddos involved in the cooking process. This noodle bowl will literally take you 20 minutes max to prepare. What more can you ask for? Try it out and let me know what you think! 


  • Soba Noodles (I used 1 pack for 2 people)
  • 1 bunch Italian kale
  • 5 tablespoons Avocado Oil
  • 5–7 cloves minced garlic—more or less depending on your personal taste
  • 1–2 inches grated ginger—more or less depending on your personal taste
  • 1 bunch radishes
  • 1–2 avocados, depending on how much avocado creaminess you love
  • 2 medium sized zuchinnis
  • 1 large cucumber
  • Handful of sesame seeds
  • For the sauce: 1 cup tahini, 1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce (or more if you like it a little spicier), 1/2 lemon squeezed, and hot water as needed. The quantities for the sauce are all adjustable to taste, depending on how much sauce you enjoy. My husband loves extra sauce on everything, so I generally make more. 


Cook soba noodles according to directions on package.

In a wok, heat the avocado oil. Add the garlic and ginger (all depending on your taste preference...we personally like a little extra!). Once the garlic and ginger releases an aroma, it's time to toss in the kale and about 2–3 radishes sliced. Sauté the kale and radish combo until the kale begins to wilt a little, and the radish begins to get a see-through look. The zucchini should be the last thing to cook, as it takes very little time. 

For the sauce: mix the tahini with the Sriracha sauce and lemon juice. Use enough hot water to get the sauce to a consistency that you like. This totally varies from person to person. 

To prepare your bowl, place the noodles on the bottom. Next, add the kale, radish, and zucchini combo. Layer in some chopped cucumber, avocado, and raw radishes. Finally, drizzle the tahini sauce and sprinkle some sesame seeds for an added touch. 

Voila! Your noodle bowl is ready to eat. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as my husband and I do!

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