Pitta-Pacifying Recipe: Simple Cucumber Raita

Pitta-Pacifying Recipe: Simple Cucumber Raita

How is everyone's summer going so far? Here in Texas it is hotter than ever, and I don't anticipate it getting cooler any time soon! Luckily, with Ayurveda there are SO many ways to stay fresh and hydrated and keep the internal temperature low. I love how Ayurveda allows me to easily stay in sync with nature and the seasons.

One of my favorite summer recipes is this cucumber raita. My mom would make it all the time as an extra dip to have with dinner. It's very similar to Tzatziki sauce, but with an Indian twist.

The base is fresh yogurt and cucumber. Both of these ingredients have fantastic cooling properties—you will literally be able to feel a difference almost immediately! Plus the cucumber adds a hydration factor, which is almost necessary during this season.

There's another great thing about this dish: If you're able to use fresh or organic yogurt, you are going to get all of the benefits of probiotics that yogurt has to offer. I highly recommend finding a great recipe for homemade yogurt. If that's not possible, then opt for a high quality organic brand that you trust. 

Enjoy making this SUPER simple and extra delicious dish for your next meal. 


  • 2 cups yogurt
  • 1 cucumber peeled and grated into nice long strips
  • 1 teaspoon crushed mustard seed (more if you like the spice!)
  • 2 teaspoons powdered cumin
  • Salt to taste


All you have to do is mix all of the ingredients together. How simple! If you can't find crushed mustard seeds, use a mortar and pestle and crush your own. I like to use a box grater for the cucumber as it lets me get the strips nice and long.

Have fun making this delicious raita!

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