Kapha-Pacifying Recipe: Easy Ginger Pickle

Kapha-Pacifying Recipe: Easy Ginger Pickle

January is the perfect time for intention setting. It's peak kapha season, and we sometimes need that burst of energy and enthusiasm to get us going and kick us out of the winter/post-holiday/cold weather lethargy. It truly is the perfect time to reset and get things moving again. Remember, our agni is what brings energy into our lives, so we need to tend to it like we do the rest of our bodily systems.

This recipe for a super easy ginger pickle will not only give your agni the boost that it may be looking for, but it will also align well with the healthy diet goals you are setting.

Ginger is an incredible spice. Great for warming vata and kapha, assisting weight management, kindling agni, and so much more! The best part is that fresh ginger doesn't aggravate pitta. What a win-win!

Enjoy this ginger pickle before your meals to pique your digestion and get your agni burning. I recommend making a decent size batch that will last you quite some time.

Chopping ginger.


  • ½ pound fresh ginger root
  • Lemon juice freshly squeezed (quantity will differ—see note in the directions)
  • 3 ½ teaspoons turmeric powder
  • ¾ teaspoon mineral salt
  • Mason jar or a glass container with an air-tight seal


This first step may seem a little tedious, but well worth it. You want to peel all the ginger. You can use a normal peeler or, a little trick that I've come across, use a spoon. Cup the curve of the spoon, and use the top-most edge of the spoon to peel. The spoon allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies of the ginger root. You want to be as thorough as possible, making sure you get all the skin off. 

Next, cut the ginger into thin, flat pieces approximately 1 ½ inches wide. You can cut it into whatever shape you desire—sometimes round disks are the easiest. If I'm in the mood, I'll cut them into little rectangles. Lay the cut ginger down on a paper towel and sprinkle the salt all over your pieces. Be sure to coat them all well.  

Now, place all your ginger pieces into a jar. Add the turmeric powder and mix thoroughly. Finally, the bit about the lemon juice. Take fresh lemons and squeeze the lemon juice into the jar until it fully covers all your ginger pieces. You want to cover your ginger pieces until the liquid is approximately 1–1 ½ inches above the tops of the ginger. This will vary from batch to batch.

Seal your jar or container and shake well.

Keep your pickles in the fridge for up to four weeks and remember to eat a few pieces (or as much as your agni can handle) before your meals!

Enjoy this fiery little kick to jump start your digestion!


If you happen to find fresh turmeric root, you can prepare it the same way as the ginger root and add it into the mix—it has many of the same benefits as ginger. 

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