Introducing FairWild Triphala

Introducing FairWild Triphala

Considered the most versatile and widely used of all Ayurvedic herbal formulations, triphala is a unique blend with a very substantial value. Tridoshic, rejuvenating, nourishing, cleansing, and detoxifying, with countless benefits and numerous uses—it's not difficult to understand why it's so popular.

But how often do we think about the wild plants that make up a formula such as triphala, and how those three special fruits—amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki—are obtained? How were they grown? Who harvested them? These are important questions to ask when buying any herbal product, but especially when buying products sourced from the wild, like our beloved triphala.

Wild plants play an integral role in our commerce, livelihoods, health, and well-being. They're used as ingredients for food, cosmetics, medicines, building materials, and other products used every day around the world.

And that's not including plants harvested through agricultural or commercial farming—some herbs can only be found in the wild and thrive in thin air or harsh climates. Today, one in five of the world's wild plant species are estimated to be under the threat of extinction due to over-harvesting and habitat loss, and the demand is only increasing.

Thankfully, sustainable projects like the FairWild standard and certification system are working to reverse this trend, potentially allowing our wild herbal allies to thrive for future generations.

The FairWild initiative is essentially what it sounds like: it ensures the protection of wild plant species and their habitats, while also fairly supporting the livelihoods of those involved in the harvesting process.

We at Banyan are proud to launch our first FairWild certified formula, Triphala tablets, using FairWild certified haritaki.

Haritaki fruits being sorted at Talmachi FairWild Cite. (Photo credit: AERF/NatureConnect)

Photo credit: AERF/NatureConnect.

A Collective Effort

Whether your curiosity about triphala was only piqued recently, or you've been a fan of the benefits and numerous uses of triphala for years, we're excited to continue to offer our formula with the finest quality and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Through our collective effort, we can preserve wild plant species like the haritaki trees, and continue to enjoy the benefits of the triphala formula for generations to come.

We are committed to the fair FairWild mission and are working to support more FairWild growers so we can offer more FairWild certified products.

To learn more about the FairWild standard, watch the video below or visit their website to stay connected.