Inspire Your Life with the Help of Ayurveda

Inspire Your Life with the Help of Ayurveda

*rubbing hands together* 2017 is HERE! As we enter the new year, we are filled with new aspirations, anticipations, twinkly-eyed vigor, and a clean slate! We are eager. We are motivated. We are optimistic. And most of all, we are READY!

We gleefully power jump over the 2016 line as we look forward to creating the best year possible.


Let's keep that child-like playfulness and optimism forever, please!? Not only in the month of January, but all year long, every, single, day. 

Here's why. Do you know why Ayurveda really works? Because it is just that—daily. Ayurveda is not meant to be used as a quick fix. It can be that, sure, but Ayurveda's greatest goal is that we never get sick in the first place. Every single day we practice our Ayurvedic habits to keep our minds, bodies, and spirits in sync, thriving, playful, joyful. Because our LIFE is worth it.

What if you were taught how to keep in sync, in harmony, taking it all in stride while getting a little bit better every day? And what if you knew how to use your mind, body, and spirit all together as a unique symphony to benefit your entire life? That, my friend, is Ayurveda. It's your life. You are a unique gift, blessed to be on this earth, and different from anybody else on the planet, forever. The unique symphony of life is yours and it's the most precious gift you'll ever have. Ayurveda sees and honors that.

If this is resonating (tingles? heart open?), we've touched your spirit, which is the core of where things start. Let's build upon the spirit and create an inspiring beginning to 2017 with the help of Ayurveda.



Be real. Where are your pitfalls or concerns in your life? What feels uncomfortable? Shine a light into the dark corners and be brave enough to face what you see. Bringing awareness is the only way to make changes. Become aware.

Gratitude. Thank you, pitfalls and concerns, you pesky beasts! I see you and now I have some things to work on. Thanks for that. Diet, work-life balance, exercise, mental clarity could all be places to work on. Awesome! Now, you've highlighted where you need to spend some time evolving. 

Get clear. What is the most important thing to change first? Start with one, maybe two things to work on and get them set as habits before adding more. Too many goals will set you up to fail. We want success. In Ayurveda, we slowly make the changes. Pick the most important and start there.

Action. Time to change. So what's amiss? Use the daily routine as a guideline and see where your improvements fit. Highlight all areas that are not in alignment and choose one to two things to work on until they feel like they are second nature. Then, add one to two more and so on. Diet and lifestyle support good health. So take the daily routine seriously. If life is a sweater, the daily routine is the thread. Change one part and everything else will weave together nicely or…fall apart. 

Commit to practice. We cannot wish or read our way to wellness. We must commit to practicing daily. Ayurveda is magical in some ways, yet not at all in others. It's completely practical and tactile. We have to practice to make it work. If you digress or fall out of practice, no worries. Be kind. Just say, "Oh poop! I fell off my practice! How do I feel? [pause and note how you feel] Not as good as I did…so I better take a step back and bring back my practice." Adjust and keep going, but do not stop.

Lifelong. Once you've recognized areas to practice and have gotten good at them, you'll become aware of what suits you best. Yay! However, life is long and something is bound to shake things up and knock you off course. Boo. You will need to adjust from time to time but you've built your foundation. Now, no matter what life throws at you, you know what works for you. Optimal health in mind, body, spirit is not a finish line. It's a little boat. Up and down we go with the waves, adjusting our sails to soar or take pause. And such is life.

Create Your Recipe for Happiness. Sometimes we just need a go-to list for when we lose ourselves. A place of comfort and reliability. In Ayurveda, all healing comes from the inside out. So, sit down with a pad o' paper and answer this question, "When I feel most in my element, like my truest most vibrant self, I am doing, thinking, working, seeing, listening, experiencing, in the company of, etc.," and fill in the blanks. Write down when you feel your very best and keep this list within easy reach. If you are feeling low or not quite in sync, this list will bring you back to YOU. It is your recipe for happiness and is unique for each person, just like your life.

If you begin with these seven things, you are sure to find a place of awareness and positive change that YOU crafted. We don't need to look any further than our inner voice; that inner spirit is the most powerful guidance we have.

Stay excited! Here's to 2017 and most of all, here's to YOU! *clink!*

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