Can Vata & Kapha Be Out of Balance at the Same Time? [video]

Can Vata & Kapha Be Out of Balance at the Same Time? [video]

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Is it possible for vata and kapha doshas to be out of balance at the same time?

Yes, it is totally possible for any combination of dosha imbalances to occur. What I think the bulk of the question is really, “What does that look like and where do you start?”

For example you might be feeling really unmotivated, even stuck to the couch, but you're still having this anxious, active thought pattern. So that lethargy is a manifestation of kapha dosha and the racing thoughts are vata dosha, and they're happening at the same time.

A great place to start is with balancing vata dosha. Because of vata's mobile nature, it's usually the first to go out of balance and the first to come back into balance. Something you might try is a nice morning meditation followed by an easy walk. That meditation is really going to help ground vata dosha while that walk will motivate kapha.

Of course, whenever you get multiple doshas out of balance and it becomes complex, we recommend working with a practitioner.


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