4 Cooling Substances for Your Skin

4 Cooling Substances for Your Skin

Is your skin feeling warm? Perhaps you are nursing a sunburn from your outdoor adventures this past weekend.

When the skin is acutely aggravated, an external application of an appropriate cooling substance can have an immediately soothing effect. Here are four super simple, one ingredient substances to offer relief.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel has long been revered for its capacity to rejuvenate the skin while supporting its natural healing process. It is very cooling, and it has a particular affinity for pitta in the skin. Just apply the gel directly to the affected skin.

Cilantro Pulp

Place a handful of washed cilantro into a blender with about ⅓ cup water and blend. Strain the liquid from the pulp and place the pulp directly on the skin. You may drink the juice.

Melon Rind

After enjoying a melon, the inner rind (the part of the fruit just inside the rind) can be rubbed directly on the skin to cool and soothe it topically.

Fresh Coconut Water

Break open a fresh coconut and apply the coconut water to the skin.


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