Ayurveda Vata Pacifying Yoga: Tree Pose | Banyan Botanicals

Tree (Vrksasana)

A Vata Pacifying Yoga Pose

Tree Pose

Begin in mountain pose. Shift your weight from side to side a few times and then end with your weight on your left leg. Bring the sole of the right foot to the ankle, calf or thigh of the left leg. Turn the right knee out, press the right foot firmly into the left leg and press the left leg into the right foot. Create opposition between foot and standing leg. Bring the hands together at your heart. Take a few breaths here before slowly releasing the right foot. Once both of your feet are on the ground, shift from side to side and then do tree pose on the right leg.

Vata Focus:

Grounding through the standing legs foot. Press the big toe into the earth and breathe as if you were drawing in the earths energy with every breath in and exhale your energy down into the earth. Keep your gaze focused on a non moving object or spot.


Builds balance and stability, helps you to focus and promotes healthy alignment.