Equal Pose Flow

A Vata-Pacifying Yoga Pose
Equal Pose FlowEqual Pose Flow 2Equal Pose Flow 3Equal Pose Flow 4

Take a seated position with the soles of the feet together. With the feet flexed, place the outer edge of your right foot on the crease of the left knee or anywhere along the left calf. Extend the right hand to the floor on your right side. Bring the left hand to the left side of your head. Inhale to find length in the left side body and exhale to gently arch toward the right, bringing the right forearm to the ground. Roll the heart and chest open as you inhale, and exhale to twist the torso as you reach the left elbow toward the floor. Inhale to rise and roll open, exhale to lower the elbow. Repeat the movement several times. Reverse the cross of the legs and repeat on the right side.

Vata Focus:

Secure both hips to the earth. Move smoothly with the breath.


Grounds the lower body, opens the hips, releases low back tension, and opens the chest and intercostals muscles to allow for deep breathing.