Ayurveda Pitta Pacifying Yoga: Free the Cat and Cow | Banyan Botanicals

Cat-Cow (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana)

A Pitta Pacifying Yoga Pose

Free the Cat and CowFree the Cat and Cow 2

Return to the hands and knees position. Spread the fingers wide as you plant them on the floor with your wrists under your shoulders. Inhale to round the spine as you playfully imitate a Halloween cat. Exhale to rhythmically transition into an arched spine as you let your belly spill out toward the floor, roll the shoulders back and together and reach your tailbone up in the air. Maneuver back and forth several times with the breath. As you find a fun and light hearted rhythm, let your body explore the pose with great freedom and fluidity while moving in all directions.

Pitta Focus:

Contract the abdominal muscles on the inhalation by drawing your navel towards your spine and release the muscles as you exhale. This action provides a deep massage for the digestive organs and balances agni.


Increases spinal flexibility, relieves tension in the back (especially the shoulders and neck) and tones the abdomen.