Savasana (Corpse)

A Pitta Pacifying Yoga Pose
Corpse Pose

Relax into the floor as you lie on your back with legs extended and slightly parted. Arms will rest along side the body with some space between the arm pits and the torso and palms face up. If you desire, place a blanket under the head. Relax your body, close your eyes and observe your breath. Notice your breath becoming slower and softer. Let your thoughts and worries exit on every exhalation and begin to enjoy the silence and stillness of your mind. Allow yourself to go into a state of pure relaxation while maintaining consciousness.

Pitta Focus:

Remember that there is nothing to do in savasana. Simply enjoy the act of doing nothing at all. Maintain a comfortable body temperature. Rest the eyes by using an eye pillow. As the body relaxes it cools quickly and even as a hot pitta it is important to avoid getting cold in savasana.


Complete relaxation. Releases physical and mental tension, improves immunity, and allows your body to integrate your yoga practice.