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Child’s Pose Flow (Balasana Variation)

A Pitta Pacifying Yoga Pose

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From childs pose, inhale to return to hands and knees. On your next inhalation, lift the upper body to come to a kneeling position. Extend the arms out in front of you and then over head. Keep the gaze at or below the horizon. On the exhalation reach the upper body to the right as you lower the hips to the heels. Your arms extend on the floor away from your hips. Breathe into the opening along the left side body. Inhale to return back to a kneeling stance with arms overhead and then exhale taking the pose to the left side. Repeat several times coordinating the breath with your movement.

Pitta Focus:

Surrender your body to the exhalation. Enjoy the simplicity of the pose and gentle opening of the side body.


Stretches the intercostal muscles, gently ignites agni and brings awareness to the back body thus relieving held tension.