Ayurveda Pitta Pacifying Yoga: Child's Pose | Banyan Botanicals

Child’s (Balasana)

A Pitta Pacifying Yoga Pose

Child's Pose

Begin on your hands and knees. Bring the big toes together and separate the knees a little wider than hip distance. On an exhalation glide your hips back to sit on the heels. Place the forehead on the floor and rest the arms along side your body. If this is uncomfortable for the knees place blankets, a bolster or pillows under your torso.

Pitta Focus:

Breathe into the back body. Notice your breath in the low back, the mid back and the upper back. Feel the low back inflate, the rib cage open and the shoulder blades broaden.


Stretches the spine and back muscles. Calms the nervous system. Gently massages the digestive and pelvic organs.