Ayurveda Kapha Pacifying Yoga: Cobra Lifts | Banyan Botanicals

Cobra (Bhujangasana)

A Kapha Pacifying Yoga Pose

Cobra Lifts

Lying on your stomach, place the hands underneath your shoulders. Inhale to roll the shoulders back, lift the chest, lengthen the tailbone and find your gaze above the horizon. Lower your torso down on an exhalation. Repeat several times with inhalation and exhalation.

Kapha Focus:

Enjoy a sun salutation to bring you into cobra lifts. From the four limb staff pose, lower the entire front body to the floor and do cobra lifts in place of upward facing dog. After you complete several repetitions, finish the round of the sun salutation. Gaze up as you exaggerate the spreading action across your chest and torso.


Strengthens the muscles of the back, stretches the spine, opens the chest and shoulders, and massages the abdominal and pelvic area.