Ayurveda Kapha Pacifying Yoga: Chair Pose | Banyan Botanicals

Chair (Utkatasana)

A Kapha Pacifying Yoga Pose

Chair Pose

Begin in mountain pose with your feet hip distance apart, toes turned slightly in. Internally rotate your femurs and on an exhalation bend the knees and come to sit in an imaginary chair. On an inhalation, reach the arms out to the sides and overhead. Spread your fingers. Breathe fully and lengthen your exhalation. As you breathe in chair pose, use the inhalation to roll your pelvis under and exhale to roll the pelvis out increasing the arch of the lumbar spine.

Kapha Focus:

Take deep breaths and feel the breath spread through the chest area.


Builds strength in the thighs and abdomen as well as builds lung capacity and stamina.