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Taking Your Herbs

How to Take Herbal Tablets

Herbal tablets can be an incredible boon to your health and well-being, but if you haven’t taken them before, getting started can evoke a lot of questions. In this guide, we hope to address the most common questions about taking herbal tablets.

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Taking Liquid Extracts

Congratulations on your choice to incorporate liquid extracts into your daily routine. Liquid extracts can offer incredible support, but if you are new to taking them, getting started can feel a bit intimidating, so we hope to address any questions you may have here.

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Ayurveda’s Carrier Substances

A carrier substance (anupan, or anupana in Sanskrit) can be used to help catalyze the delivery of a particular herb or formula to a specific tissue or channel, to encourage its penetration deep into the cells, or to moderate its effect in some way.

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Which Form of the Herb Is Best for Me?

Choosing which form of an herb to take can be quite confusing! There are tablets, liquid extracts, powders, add the powder to a shake…the list goes on. In Ayurveda, each form of the herb has specific benefits that the practitioner takes into consideration when recommending a form of an herb. This article is to help you figure out which method of delivery will be beneficial for you and when to take it!

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