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Yoga Life Bundle

Yoga Life Bundle

Complementary Products to Nourish Yourself Off the Mat*

Making the choice to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle can be the greatest gift for yoga lovers to bestow upon themselves. As a sister science of yoga, Ayurveda fits seamlessly into the yoga flow, so there are many supportive products for yogis, including cooking and meal ingredients, massage oils, and more. In the Yoga Life Bundle, we've compiled some of our favorite products to support the mind and body through a yogic journey.*

  • Enjoying a warm and nourishing beverage before or after your practice can be just what you need to keep the prana flowing. Our Turmeric Milk Mix is a distinctly Ayurvedic take on one of the most popular drinks in the health community—turmeric milk (or golden milk).*
  • Presence of mind is crucial for a successful yoga and meditation practice. Our Focus liquid extract combines herbal brain boosters to support cognitive function, awareness, and mental acuity. Take 30 drops with a glass of water shortly before you hop on the mat to help yourself stay centered and on point.*
  • A unique blend of herbs that not only help relax but also rejuvenate and build healthy muscles, Muscle Balm is a welcome ally before and after your yoga practice. Apply it with a gentle massage before you start to help your body warm up, and use it after you roll up your mat to soothe tired muscles and provide immediate relaxation.*
USDA Certified Organic

When you purchase certified organic herbs from Banyan Botanicals, you can be confident that you are making a healthful choice, while also contributing to a healthier planet. In order to meet the USDA’s stringent organic standards our entire line of supply is regularly inspected by independent 3rd party certifying agencies.

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Fairly Traded
Fairly Traded Herbs

Banyan Botanicals is committed to trading fairly with everyone involved in the farming and production of our herbs.

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Sustainably Sourced
Sustainable Sourcing

Many widely used plants are threatened and in danger of being unavailable either through extinction or protective legislation. Banyan Botanicals is working to reverse this trend by supporting sustainable projects that use ecologically friendly methods of farming and harvesting.

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