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  1. Trim Balm Trim Balm Lymphatic Support
    Trim Balm

    Invigorating herbal balm to support circulation and healthy weight management

  2. Joint Balm Joint Balm Front
    Joint Balm

    Soothing and penetrating herbal balm to support healthy, comfortable joints

  3. Best Seller Beauty Balm Beauty Balm
    Beauty Balm

    Rich and luxurious botanical balm for soft and supple skin

  4. Tongue Cleaner Tongue Cleaner
    Tongue Cleaner

    Perfect for daily use to clean your tongue and support oral health

  5. Best Seller Nasya Oil Nasya Oil
    Nasya Oil

    Herbal nasal drops to soothe the sinuses and promote clear breathing

  6. Coconut Oil Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil

    Soothing & Cooling Oil that Hydrates the Skin

  7. Castor Oil Castor Oil
    Castor Oil

    Nourishing Oil that Supports Natural Beauty

  8. Ashwagandha Bala Oil Ashwagandha Bala Oil
    Ashwagandha Bala Oil

    Nourishing herbal massage oil to rejuvenate the muscular and skeletal systems

  9. Best Seller Mahanarayan Oil Mahanarayan Oil
    Mahanarayan Oil

    Rich and comforting herbal oil for the joints and muscles

  10. Best Seller Healthy Hair Oil Healthy Hair Oil
    Healthy Hair Oil

    Luxurious herbal oil for thick, lustrous, and beautiful hair

  11. Triphala powder Triphala powder
    Triphala powder

    Traditional Ayurvedic blend to support digestion, elimination, and a healthy gut microbiome*

  12. Neem powder  Neem powder
    Neem powder

    Traditionally used to support natural channels of detoxification, healthy skin, and more*

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  13. Ashwagandha powder Ashwagandha powder all sizes
    Ashwagandha powder

    Nourishing herbal adaptogen for supporting balanced energy, sound sleep, and a calm mind*

  14. Shatavari powder Shatavari powder
    Shatavari powder

    Adaptogen traditionally used to support all facets of a healthy female reproductive system*

  15. Turmeric powder Turmeric powder
    Turmeric powder

    Supports a healthy inflammatory response and overall health and well-being*

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  16. Hingvastak powder Hingvastak powder
    Hingvastak powder

    Warm and balancing blend traditionally used to support healthy digestion*

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