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Sarah Kruse

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  1. Best Seller Mint Daily Swish™ Daily Swish
    Mint Daily Swish™

    Cool and refreshing pulling oil for clean, healthy teeth and gums

  2. Best Seller Nasya Oil Nasya Oil
    Nasya Oil

    Herbal nasal drops to soothe the sinuses and promote clear breathing

  3. Best Seller Healthy Skin™ tablets Healthy Skin™ tablets
    Healthy Skin™ tablets

    Cleansing herbs to support smooth and radiant skin from within*

  4. Best Seller Healthy Hair™ tablets Healthy Hair™ tablets
    Healthy Hair™ tablets

    Supports a thick and healthy head of hair from the inside out*

  5. Dashamula powder Dashamula powder
    Dashamula powder

    Traditional Ayurvedic Formula for Pacifying Vata & Supporting Proper Function of the Nervous System*

  6. Shatavari powder Shatavari powder
    Shatavari powder

    Adaptogen traditionally used to support all facets of a healthy female reproductive system*

  7. Ashwagandha powder Ashwagandha powder all sizes
    Ashwagandha powder

    Nourishing herbal adaptogen for supporting balanced energy, sound sleep, and a calm mind*

  8. Triphala powder Triphala powder
    Triphala powder

    Traditional Ayurvedic blend to support digestion, elimination, and a healthy gut microbiome*

  9. Best Seller Healthy Hair Oil Healthy Hair Oil
    Healthy Hair Oil

    Luxurious herbal oil for thick, lustrous, and beautiful hair

  10. Tongue Cleaner Tongue Cleaner
    Tongue Cleaner

    Perfect for daily use to clean your tongue and support oral health

  11. Best Seller Chyavanprash Chyavanprash

    Rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbal jam traditionally used to support a healthy immune system*

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  12. Best Seller Kitchari Kit kitchari spice kit
    Kitchari Kit

    All the essential supplies to make tasty and nourishing kitchari for a week

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