Immune Support Bundle

Immune Support Bundle

Complementary Products to Bolster Your Health*

Stay healthy all year round with the strengthening and soothing products in the Immune Support Bundle.*

  • Ayurveda’s most popular immune-boosting formula is the traditional herbal jam, Chyavanprash. Made in a base of amalaki fruit, this sweet nutritive jam kindles the digestive fire, helps to buffer the body against stress, and provides a natural source of antioxidants. Just 1–2 teaspoons a day will bolster immunity and serve as an excellent rejuvenative for the body and mind.*
  • Immune Strong tablets affect the body’s natural immune response on a systemic level, with potent herbs like kalmegh, echinacea, and turmeric. This formula promotes the elimination of natural toxins in the blood, lymph, and respiratory system, while also strengthening the body’s natural defenses. Immune Strong is also available as a liquid extract.*
  • To rejuvenate the lungs and respiratory tract, Bronchial Support herbal syrup delivers traditional breathe-easy herbs, vasaka, licorice, and tulsi, in a soothing syrup that is slightly sweetened with organic unheated honey.*
  • And for when you have soreness in the throat, or a cough that just won’t go away, Throat Soother herbal spray is your on the go ally. Herbs like slippery elm, licorice, turmeric, and echinacea in a base of glycerin and honey gently lubricate and soothe the throat, clear accumulated kapha, and support the vocal passages. These four products can be kept on hand for when you need them, or used preventatively to maintain robust and vibrant health during any season.*
USDA Certified Organic

When you purchase certified organic herbs from Banyan Botanicals, you can be confident that you are making a healthful choice, while also contributing to a healthier planet. In order to meet the USDA’s stringent organic standards our entire line of supply is regularly inspected by independent 3rd party certifying agencies.

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Fairly Traded
Fairly Traded Herbs

Banyan Botanicals is committed to trading fairly with everyone involved in the farming and production of our herbs.

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Sustainably Sourced
Sustainable Sourcing

Many widely used plants are threatened and in danger of being unavailable either through extinction or protective legislation. Banyan Botanicals is working to reverse this trend by supporting sustainable projects that use ecologically friendly methods of farming and harvesting.

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