Education Coordinator

Job Description

This position has been filled.

The Education Coordinator helps envision and execute the mission of the Ayurvedic education component of Banyan Botanicals. The ideal candidate possesses not only vision and vigor but also a steadfast attention to minutiae, as the position requires a unique amalgam of Ayurvedic knowledge and editorial expertise. While the Education Coordinator initially reports to existing Banyan staff, the job offers substantial potential for growth: after working well with the content creation team, the ideal candidate may transition to a more managerial role.

Primary duties

  • Planning. The Education Coordinator creates and updates the short- and long-term education plans, and then works with Banyan’s content creation team to implement those plans and achieve department goals.
  • Curating. The Education Coordinator ensures the accuracy, integrity, and consistency of all information disseminated by Banyan. He or she works with the team to produce new content as well as revise existing guides, articles, resources, product descriptions, and catalog copy.
  • Liaising. The Education Coordinator identifies appropriate experts, writers, and educators in the Ayurvedic community and seeks their collaboration on relevant projects.
  • Copyediting. The Education Coordinator fields submissions for guides, articles, posts, and other Banyan content and then edits each piece for accuracy, clarity, consistency, and conformity to Banyan’s house style.
  • Proofreading. The Education Coordinator reviews edited pieces prior to publication on the Banyan website or in printed materials for factual precision, visual appeal, and typographical consistency.
  • Documenting. The Education Coordinator corrals existing Banyan style guidelines and instructions, in addition to crafting any absent documentation, to create a cohesive catalog of policies, procedures, and requirements, with the goal of enforcing a consistent style, approach, and knowledge base across all Banyan materials.
  • Coaching. The Education Coordinator provides each writer and collaborator with appropriate feedback to hone their communication skills, with the goal not only of producing top-notch content aligned with the Banyan vision but also of developing a community of articulate Ayurvedic professionals to continue producing such content.
  • Strategizing. The Education Coordinator continually pursues new areas of education and collaboration to expand the Banyan vision and aid customers, both wholesale and retail, in their healing journeys and pursuit of an appropriate Ayurvedic lifestyle.


  • Ayurvedic education. The Education Coordinator must be formally educated in Ayurveda, through approved classes and programs as well as intimate familiarity with published Ayurvedic works. Prior experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner, educator, or trainer is a plus.
  • Editorial experience. The Education Coordinator must have professional editing skills to interact effectively with all Banyan content and the developers of that content. He or she has preferably worked in a publishing venue before; possesses a mastery of the English language, including grammar, syntax, and vocabulary; and is adept at using standard style guides (especially The Chicago Manual of Style) in addition to creating in-house documentation.
  • Excellent project management. The Education Coordinator should have experience managing both people and content in multiple workflows. While not directly managerial, the position may assume more leadership responsibilities given the right candidate.
  • Strong computer skills with advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word. The Education Coordinator must work skillfully in an electronic environment, with most editorial work performed in Microsoft Word. He or she should be comfortable using Track Changes, Word Styles, Word Templates, and other tools to facilitate editorial work and content management.
  • Strong interpersonal skills. The Education Coordinator will play a dynamic role on the Banyan content creation team and engage frequently with guest writers, providing accurate and lucid feedback to help them evolve as communicators despite varied writing backgrounds. He or she should also desire to collaborate with the Ayurvedic community at large.
  • Public relations and customer service experience. While prior experience in public relations is not required, the ability to respond well to customers is an asset.

Desired Qualities

  • Passionate. The ideal candidate has experienced learning, living, and loving Ayurveda personally and can share Ayurveda clearly and authentically with others.
  • Highly organized. The ideal candidate adeptly coordinates different branches of content as well as a variety of people. He or she implements strategies and workflows to streamline the generation and distribution of educational materials.
  • Articulate. The ideal candidate not only expresses Ayurvedic concepts clearly but also provides helpful yet tactful feedback to writers, crafts precise guidelines and policies, and bridges different teams and markets within the Ayurvedic sphere.
  • Attentive to detail and quality. The ideal candidate is a master of language and stickler for consistency, while remaining privy to the nuances of different Ayurvedic traditions so as to pinpoint those not aligned with Banyan educational materials.
  • Self-directed but team-oriented. The ideal candidate moves dynamically from self-initiation and idea generation to teamwork and collaboration.
  • Visionary. The ideal candidate is centered in the present but prescient about the potential for Ayurvedic education. He or she willingly engages the Ayurvedic community, explores new avenues for content creation, and inspires colleagues in order to bring Banyan’s educational resources to the next level.


  • This is a full-time position.
  • The ideal candidate lives near or is willing to relocate to the Ashland, Oregon, area.


  • Salary is commensurate with the delineated duties and the candidate’s experience and ability.
  • Standard Banyan benefits packages include health insurance, dental and vision coverage, profit sharing, and paid vacation time.