Director of Human Resources

Job Description

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the successful operation and administration of the Human Resources department. The ideal candidate possesses an enthusiasm for nurturing health and the human spirit, is in alignment with Banyan’s core mission and values, and has previous HR experience in recruitment and staff development. The Director of Human Resources will work closely with existing Banyan staff to facilitate the creation and structure of the HR department, initially reporting to company leadership before transitioning to a managerial role.

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for fostering and promoting the culture and mission to contribute to maintain optimal health and well-being in our workplace. 

Primary Duties

  • Recruit by attending job fairs and through ongoing recruiting efforts.
  • Administration and Training of all HR responsibilities including new hire orientations, new hire documentation, employee evaluations, quarterly team member satisfaction surveys, emergency procedure training as well as cultural and SOP training.
  • Compliance Administration with federal, state and employment laws, labor, civil rights, as well as ensuring compliance of Banyan’s internal standards and procedures.
  • Building Community within Banyan through supporting personnel and the company by coordinating employee celebrations and events. Create new and innovative methods to maintain a high level of job satisfaction, engagement, inspiration, and teamwork within all departments.
  • Resolution through effective facilitation of open employee communications to discern grievances with timely and appropriate response to maintain effective and clear channels of communication.


  • Director of Human Resource experience is required. Candidates must have a complete understanding of EEOC and Affirmative Action compliance and the ability to assist in any legal matters and investigations. Prior experience in enforcing workplace-safety compliance as well as processing workmen compensation claims, terminations, FMLA, and all personnel information with diligence and confidentiality is a must.
  • Passion for natural healing, wellness, and optimal health to be align with our company business and culture.
  • Excellent understanding of employee benefit programs through oversight of COBRA as well as previous experience managing insurance and employee benefits enrollments and execution of payroll.
  • Recruiting experience through ongoing recruiting on a local and national level.
  • Onboarding through a successful recruiting/hiring process and employee orientation which aligns with Banyan’s values.
  • Strong computer skills and strong written and verbal communication skills. Must effectively work in an electronic environment and have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Telecommunicating is often required to coordinate with Banyan staff located around the country.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to coach, counsel, and provide clear and concise direction. Must be comfortable acting as a liaison between staff and management and facilitating open dialogue and conflict resolution if needed.

Desired Qualities

  • Inspired and inspires others.
  • Passion for natural healing, wellness, and optimal health.
  • Enthusiastic, energetic, and highly motivated.
  • Highly organized and finishes what they start.
  • Approachable and respectful.
  • Self-directed, but team-oriented.
  • Engaged and passionate.


  • This is a full-time position.
  • The ideal candidate lives near or is willing to relocate to the Albuquerque, NM, area.