Customer Service Manager

Job Description

Banyan Botanicals seeks a Customer Service Manager to join our Marketing Department with developed leadership skills and enthusiasm to lead our exceptional Customer Service Team. The ideal candidate possesses strong interpersonal skills, a high level of organization, and a passion for providing world class customer support. The Customer Service Manager will create and uphold the big-picture vision for Banyan’s Customer Service, the plan for execution, a system for regular analysis, and opportunities for improvements. The Customer Service Manager leads a team of 5–8 customer service representatives, works closely with Operations and Marketing, and reports directly to the Marketing Director.

Primary Duties

  • Leading. The Customer Service Manager leads the team with a vision to build and maintain loyal relationships with our customers by educating about Ayurveda, addressing and solving problems with the customer experience, and compassionately supporting them in their path to health and well-being.
  • Strategizing. The Customer Service Manager holds a thorough understanding of day-to-day tasks as well as big-picture direction and identifies ways to help the team accomplish department goals.
  • Supporting. The Customer Service Manager fosters relationships and builds a strong, cohesive, healthy team that is empowered, accountable, and independent.
  • Analyzing. The Customer Service Manager partners with the Operations team to troubleshoot any customer-facing issues and collaborate for continuous improvement and innovation of technology. The CS Manager works cross-functionally to develop and maintain a knowledgebase with continuous improvement for the direct to consumer and wholesale customer journey and experience.
  • Reporting. The Customer Service Manager reports on data to track and identify areas of improvement in service levels, utilizing data (quantitative) and customer insights (qualitative) to build and present reports that champion the Voice of the Consumer throughout the organization. In addition, the CS Manager develops and monitors performance metrics on all forms of communication for quality control.


  • Excellent people and project management skills. The Customer Service Manager should have experience managing both people and projects in multiple workflows with the ability to meet deadlines. Experience with hiring, onboarding, training, and motivating a customer support team is preferred.

  • Customer Service in the Health and Wellness field.  Excellent customer service skills with the ability to remain warm, friendly, patient and empathetic in potentially stressful situations. He or she has preferably worked in a wellness or supplement industry before and has a proficient understanding of FDA compliancy.

  • Basic Ayurvedic education. The Customer Service Manager should have a basic Ayurvedic education, and a thorough understanding of the Banyan product line and customer base. Prior experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner, educator, or trainer is a plus.

  • Strong computer skills. The Customer Service Manager must work skillfully in technology platforms. She or he should be comfortable using Asana, Excel, Microsoft Office, and Magento. Experience with a CRM, Ecommerce sites, on-site reviews, Amazon Q&A is preferred.

  • Strong problem-solving skills. Inspires collaboration, innovative thinking, and clear decisions. Ability to identify opportunities and find solutions for continuous improvement.

  • Strong interpersonal skills. The Customer Service Manager will play a dynamic role in the Banyan Marketing department and offer feedback and coaching on a regular basis. A graceful, professional, and tactful approach to constructive communication is essential.

Desired Qualities

  • Customer Orientation. The ideal candidate stays close to customers and consumers. They view the organization through the eyes of the customer and go out of their way to anticipate and meet customer needs. They continually seek information and understanding regarding market trends.

  • Leadership. The ideal candidate thrives in a position of influence and the ability to successfully hold the big-picture vision from concept to fruition, to foster trust in a team, to help individuals grow and evolve, and to motivate change.

  • Passionate. The ideal candidate has experienced learning, living, and loving Ayurveda personally and strives to share Ayurveda clearly and authentically with others.

  • Highly organized. The ideal candidate adeptly coordinates different branches of the marketing team as well as a variety of people. He or she implements strategies and workflows to streamline communication across the company to champion the Voice of the Customer.

  • Solution-oriented. The ideal candidate is able to identify problems, solve them, act decisively, and show good judgment. They isolate causes from symptoms, and compile information and alternatives to illuminate problems or issues. They involve others as appropriate and gather information from a variety of sources. They readily commit to action and make decisions that reflect sound judgement.

  • Drive/Energy. The ideal candidate has a high level of energy and the motivation to sustain it over time. They are ambitious and passionate about their role in the organization. They have the stamina and endurance to handle the substantial workload involved in the Customer Service Manager role. They know that a healthy work/life balance is important to sustained energy and they lead by example.

  • Self-directed but team oriented. The ideal candidate moves dynamically from self-initiation and idea generation to teamwork and collaboration.

Physical Requirements (not limited to)

  • Must be able to stand, sit and have repetitive arm and wrist use.

  • Must be able to see and hear.

  • Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing.

  • Must be computer proficient.


  • This is a full-time position located in Ashland, Oregon.


  • Salary is commensurate with the delineated duties and the candidate’s experience and ability.
  • Banyan Botanicals' benefits package includes health insurance, paid vacation time and other employee incentives.


  • Please have a look at our website and familiarize yourself with our company before applying:
  • To apply, send résumé, small portfolio, and a cover letter to
  • Due to the number of applications received, only those being considered for the position will be contacted.

About Banyan Botanicals

Banyan Botanicals was born out of a love for the deep wisdom of Ayurveda, and our mission is to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being. As a certified B Corporation, we serve the growing communities of Ayurveda and Yoga by offering sustainable, organic herbs and products, and providing accessible and inspiring educational content to our audience. We take pride in the fun, friendly, fast-paced work environment at Banyan where education, inspiration, and motivation are the undercurrents of the workday. We are looking for bright, motivated, and enthusiastic individuals to join our growing team.