Your Best Breasts

Your Best Breasts

Daily self-breast massage is the very best thing we can do for our breasts.

The breasts are often over looked, or even thought to be in the way, as we go about our daily routines and activities.

Giving love to every part of your body is essential to building and maintaining well-being. That’s why daily self-breast massage is a wonderful way to care and nurture your whole self.

Our Breast Care Balm is a tridoshic breast balm that could be used by all types of women in support of regular breast self-examination. This formulation is less building and more soothing and comforting than our original Breast Balm (now Beauty Balm) and is well suited for women that may be experiencing fibrocystic breast changes and the associated pain, tenderness, and lumpiness.

Here are four reasons to give it a try:

  1. Stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation, helping to facilitate the release of any stagnation in the breast tissue.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your breasts and recognize any changes as they occur.
  3. Soothe and comfort sore breasts.
  4. Grow a cup size! (With our Beauty Balm, which contains tissue building herbs like Shatavari.)


Remember that the breasts are organs of giving and receiving. Also recall their close proximity to the heart chakra. With that in mind, make your daily breast massage a ritual, a time for you to honor yourself and give yourself the nurturing you need. Light incense and candles. Turn off the phone and television. Go inward and nurture.

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