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Your Ayurvedic Gift Guide for the Holidays

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Small gifts that come from the heart can make a big impact on the people you love. When it comes to gift-giving during the upcoming holidays, show your loved ones just how much you value their well-being, happiness, and success with time-trusted Ayurvedic herbs and tools for health. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wellness go-to products that make perfect stocking stuffers, delightful surprises, and ways to say thank you.

Healthy Hair Oil

Who doesn’t love a thick and lustrous head of hair? This is the perfect gift for that person in your life who knows how to pamper themselves. Healthy Hair Oil is a combination of classic Ayurvedic herbs for the hair, delivered in a base oil blend of organic coconut and sesame.

Kitchari Spice Mix

For the budding chef in your life, treat them to this delicious spice blend that is perfectly balanced to stimulate digestion—and it's good for so much more than just kitchari! Try it in soup, fried with rice, scrambled with eggs, or sprinkled on potatoes or veggies. Nutritious, convenient, and healthy, this spice blend will add a pop of flavor to just about any recipe!

Daily Swish

Now available in a single use size, Daily Swish is the perfect stocking stuffer! If you have always wanted to introduce your loved ones to the age-old practice of oil pulling, now is your chance. Daily Swish not only tastes minty fresh, it also promotes white teeth, fresh breath, and healthy teeth and gums.

Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm is one of our most popular products—and for good reason! This luxurious skin balm isn’t just about looking beautiful: it’s also about deep nourishment that helps you feel beautiful from the outside-in. Give the ones you love the opportunity to cherish themselves with this versatile and deeply hydrating beauty product! Our beloved Beauty Balm is used as a skin cream, eye cream, hand cream, lip balm, and a general moisturizer for everything from elbows and knees to cuticles.


Throat Soother Herbal Spray

Do you know a singer, teacher, public speaker, or someone who uses their voice a lot? Just a couple spritzes of our Throat Soother Herbal Spray will quickly and easily soothe the vocal passages and clear the respiratory tract. Support your loved ones’ health this holiday season with this on-the-go immune booster.


Between the calming Lavender, invigorating Cedar Eucalyptus, and skin soothing Neem & Aloe, there is sure to be a soap blend for everyone. For the base of our soaps, we use a well-balanced blend of all-natural, organic saponified oils that are GMO-free and create the perfect lather. These bars make for a thoughtful surprise for friends and family, neighbors, co-workers, or holiday party hosts.

20th Anniversary Tote Bag

The Banyan tote bag is stylish, versatile, and environmentally friendly! The bag of many uses, your loved one can carry this tote to the gym, to school, or when they go grocery shopping—and they will love that it is 100% organic cotton and made in the USA. Load it up with Banyan goodies and put a bow on it for an Ayurvedic deluxe gift!


Gift your friends and family this holiday season with rejuvenating nourishment. Chyavanprash is an herbal jam loaded with powerful Ayurvedic herbs, organic ghee, and wild-crafted honey to bolster the immune system. Sweet and flavorful, a spoonful of Chyananprash in warm water or milk makes a delicious Ayurvedic beverage to enjoy by the fireplace!

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