Watch Out For Pitta – Summer Is Around The Corner!

Watch Out For Pitta – Summer Is Around The Corner!

Summer is a difficult time of year for all the pitta people out there, so here are some tips and insights to help you enjoy the season. As any Ayurvedic practitioner will tell you, the lead up to the summer months can be a particularly tricky one if you are pitta dominant. If you have plenty of pitta in your constitution, you will also have to cope with all the high summer temperatures. This can present a number of challenges, not all physical. Skin rashes, infection, fevers and acid reflux can all be physical manifestations of your body’s pitta imbalance, but you also should remember that Ayurveda includes many emotional factors. Anger and impatience within pitta individuals is common. So you will really benefit from reducing your stress during this difficult time.

For those of you who are Pitta predominant, what normally happens is that too much heat is stored within your body’s system leading to an imbalance in how your body digests food and deals with toxins. If you are already suffering from physical health problems related to pitta imbalance, detoxification can help reset your system and make the rest of the summer season more pleasant and enjoyable. Excess toxins such as chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, drugs, toxins and the Ayurvedic property known as ama (which is an undigested sticky residue) all play their part in disturbing how your body digests food, converts it into energy and forms body tissue. All these things can manifest in the pitta imbalances highlighted above.


Neem and Amalaki powders


To support your body’s natural detoxification process, and to help maintain pitta balance, I have found some excellent Ayurvedic herbs which can really help out, especially in summer when this imbalance has the potential to be at its peak. The herb Amalaki is excellent at removing toxins from the GI tract and the colon. As well as aiding detoxification, it is high in antioxidants which reinforce the immune system. Additionally, Neem is especially good for you. Any pitta individual should consider taking a look at this wonderful herb for, in Ayurveda, it is believed to help regulate body temperature, cool and soothe the skin and support the body’s ability to flush toxins in the blood. The combined immune supportive and detoxifying effect it engenders is really helpful for you when dealing with a pitta imbalance. There are many other remedies to try, but these two are particularly effective ones you can consider.

I hope that gives you a better idea of what is meant by pitta imbalance and pitta individuals.

Summer is particularly difficult for those who are pitta predominant, and what you have to keep in mind is that your goal is always to keep in balance with nature and your body.

Finding the right foods and herbs, as well as calming your emotional side through meditation and exercise can all play a big part in giving you an enjoyable summer free of any health issues!