Tulsi Fields Tea

Whether you are a tea lover, an herb enthusiast, or newly discovering the benefits of Ayurveda, we are thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our Ayurvedic tea line—Tulsi Fields CCF Tea. This limited-edition blend features a base of CCF, or cumin, coriander, and fennel seeds, brought to life by an abundance of tulsi leaves from the Banyan Botanicals Farm in Southern Oregon.

Known for its sattvic, enlivening nature, pleasant taste, and plethora of health benefits, tulsi is one of the most well-loved herbs in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. In combination with CCF, this aromatic and uplifting blend delivers a delicious tea that is bursting with prana and supports strong digestion, a healthy immune system, a calm mind, and an abiding sense of peace.

The Many Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, has a long history of use both as a spiritual plant and a highly effective herbal tonic. Said to be infused with divine energy, it carries with it the qualities of warmth, lightness, clarity, and peace. Thanks to these sattvic superpowers, tulsi is the perfect ally when you are seeking to calm your mind and connect to your heart.

Along with these spiritual and emotional boons, tulsi offers a long list of physical benefits. It nourishes ojas, bolsters the immune system, and guards against stress. Its warming qualities support healthy circulation, aid digestion and metabolism, and help maintain healthy weight. 


Tulsi also removes excess kapha from the upper respiratory tract, promoting clear, comfortable breathing and strong, healthy lungs. It is an excellent herb to incorporate into your routine throughout the chilly winter months to support calm, easy breath, radiant inner warmth, and a feeling of overall positivity and well-being.

Introducing Banyan’s Farm-Grown Tulsi

These many beautiful benefits of tulsi, in and of themselves, are enough to earn this tea a special place in your daily routine. But the thing that makes Tulsi Fields so unique, and which has earned it a special place in our hearts, is that 100 percent of the tulsi used in this blend was grown on the Banyan Botanicals Farm. 

Nestled within the verdant mountains of Southern Oregon, the Banyan Farm provides the perfect growing conditions for a variety of tulsi known as temperate tulsi (Ocimum sanctum syn. w/tenuiflorum), which needs a very particular climate in order to thrive. Our tulsi is carefully tended every step of the way, from seed to field to harvest. 

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see our interns and farmers laughing, singing songs, and chanting mantra as they work with tulsi out in the fields. If you are familiar with this vibrant, aromatic plant with its delicate purple flowers, you will understand why—simply being in its presence and catching a whiff of its unmistakable scent is enough to lift your spirits and open your heart.

The end result of this joyful and careful tending is a rich, green, organic tulsi that pulses with prana—and a delightful cup of tea that is infused with love. 

Blending Tulsi and CCF

Tulsi Fields is the perfect marriage of our farm-grown tulsi and the well-known Ayurvedic blend of CCF. On its own, CCF tea has commonly been used to enkindle agni, support healthy digestion, and promote gentle cleansing of the tissues. 

When combining the digestive benefits of CCF with the many virtues of tulsi, it creates a blend that delivers a wealth of health and well-being to your body and mind alike. A daily mug of Tulsi Fields will help to maintain healthy digestion, strengthen metabolism, bolster the immune system, and support the body’s natural defenses. 

In the mental and emotional realm, this beautiful tea heightens awareness and promotes mental clarity, while infusing your being with a sense of peace and well-being. These sattvic qualities make it a lovely choice to drink right before your yoga or meditation practice, or anytime you need a moment of relaxation and calm throughout your day. 

How to Brew the Perfect Cup

When it comes to enjoying tea, the ritual begins the moment you begin brewing. Allow every step of the process, from boiling water to measuring out your tea to tasting the very first sips, to be an opportunity to slow down, breathe deeply, and return to the delight of your senses. 

To Brew a Hot Infusion:

  • Add ½–1 tablespoon of tea blend to 8 ounces of boiling water.
  • Steep for 5–7 minutes. 
  • Strain and enjoy. 

The longer you brew Tulsi Fields, the more the flavor changes and the stronger the taste will become. To enjoy a mellower herbal tea, brew for 3­–5 minutes. For a stronger taste, experiment with a longer steep of 7–10 minutes. 

To Brew a Sun Tea:

  • Add 3 tablespoons of tea to 6 cups of cool or room temperature water in a sealed clear vessel, such as a mason jar.
  • Place directly in the full sun for 2–6 hours.
  • Strain and serve.

Enjoying Tulsi Fields as a sun tea is a perfect way to savor the benefits during the summer months, or anytime you want to balance pitta dosha. Feel free to experiment with the timing of your brew to find the taste that you love most!