The Magic of Daily Massage for Children with ADD & Autism

The Magic of Daily Massage for Children with ADD & Autism

There is a magic way to begin each morning that helps a child with restlessness, learning, speech, muscle strength, and focus. The art of gentle massage helps support the children that I work with. The effects take place in the body and mind and always begin with the same morning routine.

A child diagnosed with ADD or autism has an increase in their vata dosha. With an increase of vata we see symptoms such as restlessness, difficulty with focus, anxiety, and trouble learning. A morning routine that includes massage helps decrease excess vata and can calm a restless child.

In Ayurveda, the dosha that is out of balance is treated first. Addressing the vata dosha will help the child with organization, apprehension, and anxiety. Many children have difficulties with a change in routine, getting ready in the morning, and going to school. A daily Ayurvedic massage can be soothing for a child.

An Ayurvedic massage, or abhyanga, is a massage done first thing in the morning before a shower or bath. The benefits of this special massage last all day! I teach the parents how to apply the massage oil, stroke the limbs of their child’s body, and why the massage is so important. Let me explain further, so your child can benefit from an Ayurvedic oil massage.


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The application of oil with long brisk strokes helps support the brain with proprioception and sensory information.

With touch and the application of oil, the child becomes aware of the position of his own body.

Oil massage is perfect for a child that has excess vata or their vata dosha is out of balance. Oil nourishes the tissues and the art of applying oil to the body calms the nervous system.

I make sure to tell the parents to rub the oil on the cheeks of the child. Massaging the cheeks of the child may help support muscle strength needed for speech and chewing.

The magic of a daily massage for children is an important part of their morning. An Ayurvedic massage applied first thing in the morning can reduce aggravated vata symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, and worry. Massage is comforting and may calm the child that is getting ready for school.

We are in such a fast-paced society. Taking time for an Ayurvedic massage first thing in the morning may be the most important thing we can do to support our children. The benefits last the whole day. Making time for a daily massage can indeed be a special time for you and your child.