A Letter from Our CEO

Update 3/19/2020 12:30 p.m. PT: In order to ensure we can serve our entire Banyan community and get orders out to those most in need as quickly as possible, we’re asking all customers to not go past certain quantities for specific items. This includes Yellow Mung Dal, Basmati Rice, Ghee, and our immune products. Our current quantity limits should allow you to order what you need for you and your family and will allow others to do the same. We thank you for your understanding during this time!

Dear Banyan Customers,

People across the country are taking action to bolster their immune systems and support their overall well-being in this time of uncertainty. Over the last couple weeks, and especially in recent days, we have seen a large increase in demand for our products.

Our team is working hard to keep as many products available to you as possible. We have already run out of some of our most popular immune supporting products and are starting to run low on several others. Please know that we are doing our absolute best to be here for you in a supportive way.

Thankfully, the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia has a powerful arsenal of immune supporting herbs. In the event that we run out of a product, we will have specific suggestions for alternate herbs and products that can be used as substitutes while we work with our suppliers to replenish our stocks. In the Immune Support section of our website, we list our currently available supplements that will be most supportive during this time.

Currently much of our team is already working from home or working in isolation within the Banyan offices. We are intending to keep our production and fulfillment operations in New Mexico open as long as possible while taking aggressive steps to maintain the health and safety of our staff. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, observing social distancing, regular deep cleaning of the workplace, and adding additional shifts to reduce the number of people working in our warehouse at one time.

Because of the large increase in demand and our efforts to protect the well-being of our team, deliveries will be delayed by an additional 2 days outside our usual delivery times, and bulk herb orders will be delayed by an additional 1 week. It is possible that circumstances may develop that further impact our ability to deliver orders in our usual timely manner. We will continue to provide updates on our service as needed.

Please know that now, as always, we are 100% committed to our mission of helping you achieve and maintain health and well-being. May this be an opportunity for us all to make good use of the wisdom of Ayurveda and take great care of ourselves and each other—body, mind, and spirit.

Yours in Health,
Kevin Casey
Co-founder & CEO
Banyan Botanicals