Get an Extra Boost with 7-Herb Energy!

Get an Extra Boost with 7-Herb Energy!

How often do you wish you had more energy during the day but want to stay away from caffeine for that extra boost? In this day and age, just about everyone could use more energy in their day-to-day lives or on certain, more demanding days.

Nature has given us some pretty magical gifts to that end. The beauty of what nature has given us is that herbs are not all necessarily either stimulating or suppressing. Some herbs are what we call “adaptogens”—they adapt to what your body needs, helping your body achieve maximum performance in a balanced and well-rounded manner.

The quintessential example of this is ashwagandha. The benefits of ashwagandha are vast, ranging from maintaining healthy energy levels, mood, and sleep to name a few. It is also a widely studied herb. Take, for instance, this study that looked at anti-stress activity in mice that went through a swimming endurance test. Both ashwagandha and Asian ginseng given to the mice in a water soluble form showed to significantly increase swimming time and thereby improve muscle mass.1 In another study, a small randomized double-blind, controlled trial, showed that taking a high concentration ashwagandha extract reduced stress scores and serum cortisol levels during stress.2

Ginseng is also a well-known herb for supporting energy in the Western herbalism and Chinese herbalism traditions. In a pilot randomized double-blind study led by the Mayo Clinic, taking large doses of American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) for eight weeks significantly improved fatigue in cancer patients.3

Both Asian and American ginseng and Ashwagandha are the main ingredients in Banyan Botanicals’ 7-Herb Energy. This liquid extract contains alcohol extracts of ashwagandha root, American ginseng root, Chinese ginseng root, gokshura fruit, brahmi/gotu kola, licorice root, and ginger root. Gokshura is used in Ayurveda to support the adrenals and kidneys. Brahmi/Gotu Kola supports overall healthy pitta in the body and a tonic for the mind. Licorice and ginger are added to harmonize the formula with soothing and metabolizing properties.

The end result is a product that will not only support your energy level, but will also nurture the systems and organs in the body that provide that energy so as to not lead to a state of burn-out by simply putting the body on overdrive. Take several doses of this product before or after demanding activity. Or take it daily to support your body, especially if high activity and work is a part of your daily life.