Fight Allergies This Spring

Fight Allergies This Spring

Spring is the Allergy season and allergies can be very irritating. I should know, as I have suffered from bad hay fever, or allergic rhinitis to give it its medical name, since I was a child, and the feeling of a blocked up nose and itchy eyes can get most tiresome after a while. There are, however, some more fortunate sufferers who are not affected as badly as I am. The reason behind this, I have discovered, is that each person’s body reacts differently when a foreign substance is inhaled into the body. An allergic reaction is actually a sign that the body can’t cope with that substance. In my case, I am allergic to particular types of pollen and my body’s reaction is to sneeze in order to get rid of the unwanted particles. It is quite amazing when you think that the body has this system in place to help protect you in such a surprising way. The problem for me really comes down to the actual strength of the allergic reaction. For me, Hay fever can be very distracting while I am trying to work or do other activities, and the levels of sneezing and coughing, sinus issues and itchy eyes are a sign that I really need to do something about it.

So what are the best ways to treat such a condition? Well, one of the critical facts I have discovered is that the allergic reaction is triggered because the immune system is trying to remove what it sees as an excess amount of toxins in the body. My body sees pollen as a toxin, an unwanted substance, and therefore it struggles to remove it, resulting in the symptoms of coughing and sneezing. So, one of the best remedies is to help our immune systems in any way we can by removing the allergens when possible and improving the body's ability to tolerate allergens, thereby helping the allergies.

Fortunately, help is at hand when we turn to Ayurveda, and we can follow the principles of Ayurvedic healing to ensure that we eat the right foods to boost our immune system.

What we eat is critical to our overall health, and recently, I have starting eating foods that are warm, easy to eat and are good for digestion. Soups and meals that include whole grains have been particularly high on the menu while I have removed many dairy products, cold drinks and sugar from my diet. In addition, I have started drinking hot green and ginger teas to aid digestion. The right supplements will help too, and you may want to consider taking the Ayurvedic herbal remedy, Triphala, which can help with digestion and also is excellent for detoxification. It helps the body naturally clear the digestive system of any foreign substances that the body deems to be toxins. A neti pot can also be a great way to keep the nasal passages and sinuses clean by rinsing out dust particles, pollens, etc. 

Combined with your new diet, you may notice that you feel a lot healthier and energetic, and that you cope much better with your allergies. Then you will not worry about the arrival of Spring and celebrate all its glories instead!