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Cleansing for Bliss in Brain & Body

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Bliss is our natural state. It’s the feeling we get when we are healthy in our body and at ease in our hearts. Unfortunately, our current world presents the body with an onslaught of harmful chemicals and foods that take away this natural bliss. 

Did you know that you can begin to repair your brain and your gut in as little as 18 hours after you stop eating sugars and toxic chemicals?1,2,3 

Cleansing is not about losing weight or looking a certain way. It is about clearing the toxins from our brain and our gut that keep us from experiencing bliss. For thousands of years, traditional societies have understood how cleansing affects the brain’s capacity to enter into altered states of consciousness. 



Cleansing has also been a vital part of rituals associated with creating the optimal conditions for a spiritual experience.

And we don’t have to be seeking enlightenment to get the happiness chemicals that cleansing brings to the brain. 

How cleansing creates more bliss:

  • It helps restore the gut lining that has been weakened in us through eating processed foods, wheat, GMOs, and the chemicals that are present in our food system. The gut is the major site of serotonin production—the happy chemical.4 
  • It restores the mitochondria of the cells—this is the energy fuel source in each and every cell of the body. Modern diets (even healthy ones!) can damage mitochondria and leave us with inflammation and low energy.5
  • It rewires the brain for joy with the right foods that actually build the brain’s capacity to operate from the prefrontal cortex—the part of the brain that can see creative opportunity where it once saw danger (fight or flight).5
  • It turns on the body’s repair and growth mechanisms (instead of ageing and degeneration).5

I hope you will join me in April for the Lineage of Love 7-day cleanse. I will incorporate the best cleansing wisdom that Ayurveda has to offer, as well as modern methodologies for bliss and well-being.

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