Ayurvedic Relief for Sore Muscles

With the Spring energy in the air comes an excitement for new beginnings. We cannot wait to get outside to maybe dig our hands in the earth as we prepare the garden for a new growing season or perhaps to take a spin on the bicycle that has been stored in the shed all winter long. Whatever the motivation, we have renewed energy to begin inviting more activity into our lives.

Many times when we begin an activity for the first time in months, we feel soreness in our muscles and joints. Muscle soreness may appear one day, two days, or three days after an activity or workout. It occurs when there has been a lengthening and contraction at the same time in the muscle beyond that muscle's capacity, and microscopic breakage occurs in the muscle fibers. Lucky for us, the amazing system of the human body is constantly transforming itself. The body sends out enzymes to repair the muscles, making them even stronger, in preparation to endure the next workout or activity. It is important to allow the muscle to fully relax, repair, and recover before again engaging the muscles in an activity which may cause strain.

Massaging with Mahanarayan Oil, applied locally to the muscles and joints, supports the healing process, shortens recovery time and provides relief. This traditional Ayurvedic formula contains over thirty herbs for strengthening and soothing sore muscles, joints, and tendons.

The analgesic qualities of the oil combined with the gentle massage of the muscle tissue, stimulate and promote circulation, thereby increasing oxygen availability to the tissues, enhancing cellular respiration. The increased blood flow helps to disperse wastes from the muscle tissue moving them into the lymph to be filtered out through the kidneys. Both of these actions provide the optimal internal environment for tissue repair. Mahanarayan Oil is particularly supportive for excess vata conditions, such as morning stiffness in joints, chronic pain conditions, weak joints due to old age, and muscle atrophy.

Oil applications can be done immediately upon feeling discomfort and soreness within the muscles, joint, ligaments, or tendons. Warm the oil, either by immersing the bottle in hot water or pouring the amount needed into a stainless steel or copper cup held over a heat source. Apply the oil to the skin and massage gently with a circular motion. Allow enough time for the oil to remain on the skin and to penetrate (about 20 minutes) before taking a warm bath or shower. Continue daily applications as long as symptoms persist. Mahanarayan Oil can also be used preventatively before an activity, massaging into an area that may be required to perform more work or action in the body.

As you launch into a new fitness program, begin to dig in the garden, take a long bike ride, or even add an extra yoga class to your schedule, know that sore muscles can be a normal reaction from an increase in any new activity, however strenuous it may be. Be prepared to support yourself with Mahanarayan Oil.


Shannon Mooney, Author and Graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute