Relationships & Parenting

One of the things that makes Ayurveda so powerful and unique as a healing modality is that it puts so much focus on the individual, rather than applying a one-size-fits all approach to everyone. By acknowledging our differences as unique human beings, it honors the unique and specific needs of each person.

Because of this approach, Ayurveda often circles back to what will serve each one of us as individuals. But you may be surprised by how much Ayurveda has to offer beyond the individual as well. In fact, this ancient wisdom excels when it comes to supporting healthy connection to people and things outside of ourselves—connection to nature, connection to family, and connection to community.

Ayurveda recognizes that we do not exist in a bubble, and that building the quality of our relationships to others plays an important role our overall health.

Whether these relationships are with a friend, a child, a partner, a spouse, a parent, or a coworker, Ayurveda’s wisdom can support us in building strong bonds, understanding compatibility, and fostering loving and healthy relationships throughout our lives.

Have you ever wondered which doshas are most compatible with your own when it comes to finding love? Why your dynamic with one friend is so different than with another friend? Or, if you have children, why you might relate to one child completely differently than another?

To some degree, the mystery of love and relationships is just that—a mystery! And we can only trust that we meet certain souls that are meant to enrich our lives, teach us an important lesson, or contribute to our growth and evolution in this lifetime in their own unique way.

At the same time, applying an Ayurvedic perspective to love and relationships can lend incredible insight into why we relate to certain people the way we do and how we might support the most healthy and beneficial relationships possible.

For example, we know that people with predominant pitta dosha tend to be quite fiery and strong willed. If you are a pitta on the lookout for a partner, choosing another strong pitta-type person may be asking for a challenging relationship with two people constantly fighting to take the lead.

On the other hand, a pitta-type person may get along more easily with an easy-going kapha type who will help to balance the element of fire and offer some calm, grounded energy to the relationship equation. Understanding the elements and dynamics at play between the doshas can be quite helpful and informative when it comes to choosing compatible relationships!

But let’s be honest—we don’t always have a say when it comes to the people in our lives. Especially when it comes to family and parenting, we get who we get and we love who we love! And even if some of these relationships are more challenging than others, they are in our lives for a reason and always present an opportunity to learn and grow.

These blog articles offer Ayurvedic insights into love and the doshas, as well as relationship tips and parenting tips. We hope they are a helpful resource to support you in navigating and understanding the relationships in your life!