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Natural Beauty

Just like Nature rejoices in the beauty of each season, we too can celebrate our own uniqueness and our individual journeys toward achieving beauty naturally.

Ayurveda delights in our individuality. That is why we want you to explore many angles when it comes to Ayurvedic beauty tips and setting up your own beauty routine (from both the outside in and the inside out).

Beauty in Ayurveda is about nurturing the body both internally and externally through all-natural practices that support radiant skin, healthy hair, and graceful aging. Following an Ayurvedic beauty routine is a lot like giving yourself an at-home day at the spa—especially when you use organic, clean products in skin care, hair care, and other beauty rituals. That way, you can feel ethically beautiful while indulging in Ayurveda’s holistic approach to beautification.

Here at Banyan Botanicals, we take pride in counting ourselves among the clean beauty brands out there that provide only green beauty products—meaning products that are made from fairly traded, sustainably sourced, and certified organic Ayurvedic herbs. We use only environmentally friendly, cruelty free, clean ingredients in skin care, hair care, and other products to support your natural beauty—which is a beautiful thing!

  • Natural beauty goes hand-in-hand with radiant skin, so it stands to reason that Ayurveda recommends following a deeply nourishing skin care ritual to support one’s overall beauty. We recommend taking a look at our line of Ayurvedic skin care products, complete with supportive herbs, replenishing moisturizers, and vegetarian and vegan skin care essentials—all of which offer deeply rejuvenating support for glowing, healthy skin.
  • For many, hair is another crucial factor when it comes to looking and feeling our most attractive and luminous. We encourage you to check out our line of Ayurvedic hair care products for luxurious herbal hair oils and other organic products for hair health.

Beyond using the right beauty products, Ayurveda offers a treasure trove of ideas for balancing the doshas of vata, pitta, and kapha to support natural beauty. The appearance of our hair and skin can both reveal a lot about our overall state of current health. By the end of summer, the sun’s heat can have taken a toll on us, often shown most noticeably in our skin and hair.

For example, pitta in the body can often show up as premature graying or hair loss. In this case, soothing pitta dosha is key for a balanced and beautiful head of hair.

Similarly, Ayurveda’s approach to skin care examines how the imbalances within us can manifest outwardly, and what steps we can take to find comfort, balance, and true beauty that is not just skin deep.

Ayurveda’s approach to skincare is holistic rather than superficial, so simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle choices can work wonders for supporting your inner radiance.

These blogs offer some of Ayurveda’s broad collection of indulgent and nourishing self-care practices in the interest of promoting health and beauty from both the inside out and the outside in. Explore these articles to learn more of Ayurveda’s timeless wisdom, get inspired, and bring out your vibrant inner glow!