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    • June 03, 2015
    Soothe the Prostate

    Your client is a 42-year-old male (Pitta Vata prakriti) who complains of discomfort in his pelvis. He also tells you that he has some discomfort (mostly heat) with urination and even when he has intercourse. He has seen his physician who has ruled out any infection. He begs for some help—he is in his prime, just got promoted at a large company and plans to excel even more, and has a new girlfriend (who, by the way, loves spicy food). He looks a bit flushed, his skin is oily, and his abdominal exam is normal. What herb would benefit him most effectively and quickly?

    1. Ashwagandha
    2. Trikatu
    3. Gokshura
    4. Punarnava
    • Men's Health
    • May 18, 2015
    Encountering an Angry Prostate

    The vast majority of men hardly even realize that they have a prostate gland. Most men become aware of it in their later years (when they turn sixty or so), as they may begin to experience some congestion in and enlargement of the gland. And then there are those who get an unwelcomed surprise of long periods of heat and discomfort in the gland during their pitta years, around their forties.

    • Men's Health
    • August 27, 2012
    Nourishing Sthanya
    • Men's Health
    • July 03, 2012
    Nourishing Shukra Part 2