Circulatory System

    • Circulatory System
    • April 20, 2016
    Balancing Herbs for Healthy Sugar Metabolism

    Healthy sugar metabolism requires optimal functioning of numerous organs and tissues. Bringing Ayurveda into the picture, kapha must primarily be balanced, supplying relief to any imbalanced vata and pitta, allowing for proper digestion, usage, and production of glucose in the body.

    • Circulatory System
    • March 30, 2016
    Healthy Sugar Metabolism

    The body uses sugar, in the form of glucose, as a key source of energy, and particularly for certain tissues such as the brain. While there can be multiple nutritional sources for the body’s glucose, what we want to focus on in this article is the body’s optimal ability to process and use the glucose. 

  • Ayurveda Heart Health: Cleansing Circulatory Pitta
    • Circulatory System
    • January 27, 2015
    Ayurveda Heart Health: Cleansing Circulatory Pitta

    A 59 year-old (prakriti vata-pitta) corporate executive male comes to you seeking optimal health. On your evaluation, you notice he has a reddened complexion, his skin is warm to touch, and his waist circumference is increased at 111 cm. He mentions a very stressful job, with demanding hours, which leads to a poor diet. He also shares that lying on his back and taking deep breaths helps when his stress is very high. What herb are you most likely to incorporate in the formula?

  • Ayurveda Heart Health: the Pitta Factor
    • Circulatory System
    • January 20, 2015
    Ayurveda Heart Health: the Pitta Factor

    The western medical community is slowly reawakening to the idea that the root of heart imbalance begins with pitta as opposed to kapha. The Ayurvedic seers, thousands of years ago, described that the sharp and penetrating nature of pitta damages blood vessel walls. Kapha then comes to seal and soothe over the damage, and as such, kapha’s intention is to protect and not clog channels. 

    • Circulatory System
    • September 10, 2013
    Rakta Shodhan - Blood Cleansing
    • Circulatory System
    • September 14, 2011
    Nourishing Rakta Part 2
    • Circulatory System
    • August 08, 2011
    Nourishing Rakta Part 1